Why Willy Paul wants a date with Musalia Mudavadi

Willy Paul and Musalia Mudavadi [Photo: Courtesy]

Following criticism on his stage acts, Willy Paul has challenged Musalia Mudavadi, a 2022 presidential hopeful, to invite him for discussion if he wants to know the truth about him following Christian morals.

During a radio interview, the Amani National Congress Party Leader said Willy Paul and other gospel singers should not distort the gospel at all and that they “can find ways of attracting their audience and captivating them”.

"They should not try and compete with the people who have a completely different calling in the way they present themselves," Mudavadi advised. 

Mudavadi said gospel singers need to rethink (their acts) so that they would not do anything different from what would be a dignified gospel approach.

Making a rejoiner, Willy Paul has invited the politician for a one-on-one discussion on the issue.

Speaking exclusively to Pulse, the Hallelujah singer who has been on showbiz headlines for his romantic acts with Nandy, said he was ready to "listen and explain".

“That is like a father inviting you to talk to him. I am ready for an invite from Mudavadi. I want us to sit down and talk like father and son. Probably he is making comments from what he is hearing from people or just what he has seen. I want him to understand the truth about everything including me following Christian morals,” Willy told Pulse.