PHOTOS: KRG the Don unleashes sleek Mercedes Benz 3 AMG CM63

KRG [Photo: Courtesy]

To be called a Don you need to have two things; style and class; from how you dress, your character and - of course - what you drive.

No other car screams style and class as the Mercedes-Benz. KRG the Don recently got himself a new hot wheel that has added to his wide collection of hot machines.

He is rolling in a 2015 model Mercedes Benz 3 AMG CM63. The black glossy paint makes the sleek car glow up and the black rims amplify the glow even more. The unmistakable trademark star logo of the Benz stands out from the bumper and rims.

The car’s interior is pure leather; from the seats, door handles and steering wheel. The leather seats are ultra-comfortable and feel like royalty. The interior comes with a sunroof, which is part of the fully automated system.

[Photo: Felix Kavii]

A fully automated systems car does not come by easily, and the AMG CM63 unsurprisingly makes the list. Fully automated means that all basic systems are controlled by the touch of a button. The boot and sunroof are all opened by a mere touch of a button.

Apart from the 6.3 litre AMG engine, another special feature of the AMG are the smart headlights and height control systems. Smart headlights ensure that when turning a corner, the lights move with the car towards the direction which the car is turning. This makes the driver turn while seeing where they are turning to.

Height control on the other hand enables you to adjust the height of the car by pushing a button. You can make it go either higher or lower.

This sleek black beauty is a head turner!