What was Willy Paul smoking on stage?

Willy Paul on stage [Photo: Courtesy]

Willy Paul left many puzzled during the Choma na Ngoma festival with his antics.

While on stage, as he had previously promised, the Jigi Jigi hit maker pulled many stunts that left tongues wagging. But one, we must admit, is nothing we expected him to do on stage.

The award-winning star put the microphone in his pocket before reaching out for something in his trouser, a lighter and a roll. He then lit the substance.

In another minute, he was done with it and back on the microphone.

The stage performer he is did not end it there. He took his stage antics to a whole new level by erotically dancing with Nandy, who was more than willing to give him as much as he dared to go for.

Willy Paul is no stranger to controversy and despite the ‘is he or is he not’ a gospel artiste debate, he looks more than willing to keep adding fuel to the fire.