Musical spectrum: A breakdown of Kagwe Mungai’s big night

Kagwe Mungai [Photo: Courtesy]

Last Saturday, Kagwe Mungai finally dropped his highly-anticipated 'Spectrum' album in a well-choreographed launch concert and Pulse breaks down the events of the big night

9.59pm: Singer Beryl Owano takes the stage as the MC of the night announces that the big night has officially kicked off.

Charming the crowd, she belts up to her single, Slowly. The crowd cheers as she plays a sensual card with her dance.

As she steps off stage, the DJ keeps the crowd hyped with a fusion that goes back into time and includes Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Lenny, Mr. Googs and Vinnie Banton’s Githurai and comes all the way to Rayvanny and Diamond’s Tetema. 

10.18pm: The band takes over from the turn-tablist and there is cheering from the crowd as lights dim, to usher in the man of the moment. Dressed in an open white shirt and jacket, Kagwe appears on stage to an ecstatic reception from the crowd with is predominantly male. “Are you guys feeling nice,” he teases.

“I see some queens in the buildings…” Calling on Raj to stage, he does his introduction set. He then calls Mr Seed on stage where they do their Ogopa Mungu hit. 

10.40pm: Mr Seed keeps the tempo going as Kagwe takes a break. Engaging the crowd, he sings his Kumbe Kumbe song and then into a full-pledged praise and worship session. 

Kagwe Mungai [Photo: Courtesy]

10.45pm: The ‘crusade’ is over and Kagwe is back, singing Mama I made It. He invites his mother to stage and the two hug in tears. 

10.59pm: Trina Mungai joins Kagwe on stage and the two do a rendition of one of his songs before Mayonde joins them for Kama Kawaida and Zero. Mayonde wows the crowd as she drops a rap verse before Kagwe exits again leaving Mayonde and Trina to do their Shika collabo. 

11.20pm: “Did I hear the ladies ask if I am single,” Kagwe asks as he returns.

“Yes I am single,” he answers himself and as if on cue, ladies start to throw rose flowers on stage. There is no better setting for his romantic new explicit single Unintentional, which the crowd likes.

Unintentional almost comes with the same vibe as You Know This and Till The End, two other hot songs in the Spectrum project. 

Kagwe Mungai [Photo: Courtesy]

11.30pm: It is time for NaiBoi to join Kagwe on stage for their new collabo entitled Nakulike. The show has been gradually building momentum and at this point there is mad energy on stage and pure chemistry. The crowd even cheers the more when NaiBoi introduces his 2In1 hit, which the crowd sings word-for-word. 

11.36pm: Guess who else is in the house at this Alchemist Spectrum launch night? Kristoff ‘Mluhya wa Busia’, who hits the stage with Dundaing, his massive hit collabo with King Kaka. Kagwe lets Kristoff spoil himself engaging the crowd with his usual stage power. 

11.45pm: Kagwe takes the stage back with his charm and this time he is wooing the ladies with his popular African Lady track. And before we know it, he springs another surprise ushering in the Kansoul who seem to get the show to its ultimate climax with a mash-up of their hits. 

Midnight: As the clock ticks towards midnight, Kagwe is back giving shootouts to all who came for the album launch as he closes the show up with a unique endorsement of the Cîroc vodka drink, of which he is ambassador.