It is no longer about me, says Willy Paul as he unleashes two of his signings

Willy Paul, Dice B and Klons [Photo: Courtesy]

After launching his new stable Saldido International Entertainment, Willy Paul has revealed to Pulse the first two of the six signed-up artistes.

With Nangojea as the first video Klons and Dice B are the first sign that Willy is far removed from the ‘gospel artiste’ tag.

The fresh and never-heard-before two newbies Klons and Dice B released the collabo as Willy Paul’s first bet since he launched his new entertainment stable Saldido International Entertainment.

The song opens with a testimony, that of one who has been patient for a long time before their breakthrough, perhaps as a testimony to how the two have been seeking Willy Paul to sign them for the past two years.

Klons and Dice B have done renditions of Willy Pozze’s music and battled among the thousands who tried the opportunity when Willy Paul announced he would be signing new artistes.

Klons and Dice B [Photo: Courtesy]

Like it is the case with his Wasafi Records brother Diamond, the Njiwa hitmaker is out to redefine his image in the industry- having come a long way from the Sitolia days.

“Saldido is about making good music. We are not boxing anyone by trying to say they are singing gospel. That is the direction my music has taken too. Klons and Dice B can choose what direction their music takes. We will not box them and that is what the agreement is,” Willy tells Pulse.

“Music is simply about passing a message. It is not about religion really. I mean, if you are listening to my music and are my great fans, why would I isolate myself as a gospel, you know, church person. I insist that we stick to good and clean music that carries a good message. That way, we will break all these barriers. That has been my effort and approach in this music career,” he remarks.

Klons, who is an orphan is a talented singer and songwriter and is the one singers who has been asking Willy Paul to sign him up. Having recorded his renditions of all Willy Paul’s songs, he emerged as the best candidate during the talent search auditions that took place at Saldido about 3 months ago.

He then joined with the other top freshman Dice B to become Saldido’s first releases with their new song Nangojea having received over 6,000 YouTube views in the last two days.

Klons and Dice B [Photo: Courtesy]

Dice B, just like Klons wears a laid-back demeanor, the kind of image one should expect of most Saldido new artistes, in the coming days.

“The contract for the artistes is all-inclusive. We want the Saldido label to be a 360-degree approach in music where you record an artiste’s audio and video, get performance deals for them and also help their lifestyles by getting them houses and giving them general upkeep,” says JeffaFlexx, Saldido artistes’ manager.

“The difference between us and Wasafi is that unlike them who go for known artistes, we are signing completely raw talent. No stable in Kenya is doing that. We want to be the first entertainment unit in East Africa to work with names that are new. This is what the industry needs,” he adds.

“I took long before starting signing artistes because I wanted to be sure what exactly this vision is about. I have wanted to take this entertainment game to the next level. Everyone should now watch this space. It is no longer just about Willy Paul; it’s about a fresh music generation,” Willy concludes.