Sofia: Pretty Machachari actress' marriage on the rocks?

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Marriage is certainly not a bed of roses. Sofia of Machachari was recently spotted in a local joint in South B partying and drinking with a guy.

Although no one could immediately identify the guy, Sharon Mutuku, also known as Sofia of Machachari, has had a daunting love life from last year.

The pretty Machachari actress had been married for more than five years when her husband, Ben started regularly parading a new catch at a popular joint along Kiambu Road.

The couple had certainly been close and they were well known for sharing photos and videos of themselves and their two daughters in various social media sites.

Sofia [Photo: Courtesy]

However, Ben is the one who started hanging out and drinking with the young lady better known as Shiru Moh or Maureen Wanjiru.

The two have been known to display extreme intimacy in the club after having one too many. Sofia refused to comment on this affair when she was questioned.

Interestingly, Shiru Moh blatantly admitted that they regularly share drinks with Ben who also works in the entertainment industry although he was just ‘a friend’.

Last year, the mother of two was among the many women who were duped through a Facebook post into falling for a fake German doctor known as Robin Johnson who wanted to marry a Kenyan woman.

The actress even inboxed, the 38-year-old man him seeking his attention.

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Time will certainly tell who the guy that Sofia was spotted with is in her life.