PHOTOS: Ababu’s moment of glory at Akothee's concert

Akothee and Ababu [Photo: Courtesy]

Akothee pulled yet another first by single-handedly bringing Kenyans together to raise funds and foodstuff towards the drought-stricken residents of Turkana.

The Uhuru Park show last weekend was full of thrills, probably symbolising victory with millions having been raised and dozens of foodstuff donated by Kenyans since the celebrated singer made a call for help.

She even brought over her father, who had left their mother resting at home. Equally adored, Akothee’s fans took photos with him. And he seemed to love the moment all the way. But what just were the highlights of the day? We give you three: 

1. Ababu Namwamba’s moment of glory

 He never seems to shy from controversy and when he showed up, Chief Administrative Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ababu Namwamba seemed ready for a ‘rockers’ moment.

He followed the performances by the celebs with excitement and looked really joyful, occasionally clapping excitedly to appreciate local talent. And it wasn’t until the last minute that he stole the show.

[Photo: Courtesy]

As Akothee performed, Ababu joined her, grabbing her firmly on the waist and doing a jig as cheers rent the air.

For sure, Ababu had dressed youthfully knowing so well that he would go the whole hog with a light touch. And while at it, his girlfriend watched on, keenly so, smiling along. 

2. Nameless and the dancing girl

With his Megarider remix, featuring Khaligraph, being the big hit that weekend, Nameless was sure to get a hero’s reception during the highly-attended show.

Nameless on stage [Photo: Courtesy]

And having been a family show with kids everywhere, the usual club bend over moves needed to be reserved for another day. And so how troubled did Nameless get when a girl decided to feed him with a full view, a bet he wasn’t willing to take. 

3.Victoria Kimani’s dare

 Yeah, only Victoria can pull some moves and here, she seemed to push the envelope a bit far. Let’s just say her creativity was on a new level. Her fashion sense was like nothing you have seen in the local scene.

Victoria Kimani [Photo: Courtesy]

With a healthy splash of skin showing as she belted to her hit songs, we doubt most could follow the lyrics. Men ogled and salivated as women simply held their breath in dismay.