Kenya‘s music hall of shame: 10 songs that should never have seen light of day


Unauma Unatupa - Gang Chafu

In as much as this song is kind of educational, talking about the use of condoms, there is no thought put behind the whole production.

With condoms plastered all over the walls, and we are talking about free government-issue condoms, as their bling.

The gang then goes shirtless in their weird dance and one can only hope they practice what they preach, for the sake of future generations.

Saitan - Mob K

This gospel ragga dancehall group released the song probably inspired by a nursery rhyme Kipara ngoto. Shot on a rickety bridge this group sings about how when they “catch” Satan ‘watampiga ngoto’.

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Panua - Otil blac, Munirah

‘Panua’ loosely translates to ‘spread’, and in this song, unlike Mob K, it’s not like they are not spreading the word.

It is vulgar all the way from the intro to the last word. There is nothing good coming out of this song and as Khaligraph Jones put it that some music needs work this does not only need work but needs an overhaul.

Thutha - Ochungulo family

This song could be arguably compared to Wakimbizi’s John. Thutha is a famous word and as they put it Ochungulo Family thought of a song to celebrate our Kenyan women physical appearance that a majority have neglected and failed to appreciate.

Takataka - Alvindo.

Well as most would actually think this was just a troll made by some regular dude shock on you to actually find this is a full song.

The dude was probably left by his lover and went ahead to produce a scathing attack musically as he calls the girl unprintable words full of insults. It has a catch chorus, we should give it that though.

Kata Tenje

There even a remix to the song. The phrase ‘Kata tenje’ simply means to have sex. The video has ladies twerking all over and is poorly shot.

They diss Ethic entertainment famous for Lamba Lolo and go ahead to brag if you are not for some ‘action’ then you should go ahead and look for a Bible and enjoy the reading.

Pana Tambua Lawama – Team Ganji 254 Entertainment

The group is made up of four guys who rap in the video that they are from Umoja Estate in Eastlands.

In the song they have used the infamous phrase in like all of Eastlands ‘Pan Tambua’ and ‘Lawama’ which means ‘I don’t care’ and ‘grudge’ respectively, they simply say that they don’t care about grudges. They rap about gang rivalry saying they are ready for their rivals from other hoods in Eastlands with knives and just in case police officers show up they will run for their dear lives. They also brag about their prowess in smoking weed.

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Ma**ko - TheBoyBleezy, Madra

As the name suggests this song is simply about girls’ derriere, and they actually had the audacity of shooting their video outsides a sub chief’s office.

With one of the “vixens” in a hoodie emblazoned ‘dead inside’. Probably they all are.  They grind and dry hump their tiny behinds with a whack twerk session badly choreographed and so vulgar there is nothing to write home about.

Triboazman – Dem wa Maringo

The trio raps about their desire to date a lady who then rebuffs their insistence telling them that, yes she is single but is not ready to mingle. With a poorly shot video of teens dancing in the hood, they song uses the G-shock riddim.

One of the rappers calls the lady and tells her to come meet him he will get her weed and will make her feel like she’s in cloud nine. He calls for a revolution to dry spell experienced by the young men.

Boychild wololo – Young Sline, Frobo, Richie Haniel and Kidsloo

They narrate stories of how the now infamous slay queens are using the boy child to their advantage.

They are all about taking life easy by chewing khat and drinking themselves silly because they can’t afford the upkeep of the so-called slay queen. They offer a word of advice to young men to cover their tracks least they get caught cheating by the slay queens.