Otile and Vera: The bad and ugly of 2018

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika Photo:Courtesy

The bad and ugly of 2018

Desiigner stripped in Nairobi

Because it was the Jameson Connect, some Pulsers lived up to the theme by connecting with the American rapper’s shoes, twice! In fact, his watch was also disappearing, before the Panda rapper managed to unhook his hands from the dark edges of Valhalla.

Stars! Welcome to Nairobi, where jumping into the crowd is a risky business.

Otile and Vera drama

The love affair that went all the way to Mauritius died in a way that baffled Kenyans. They posted pictures of each other and with each other, and even shot a magnificent video at English Point, the Coastal lovers luxury spot.

The Jiko singer was not ready for revelations once the affair ended.

He was described as a leech and it claims he does not have much between his legs – if Vera’s rant is anything to go by. But the boy child has not been lying low.

He posted a picture of an innocent looking Vera at Likoni Ferry and the web went wild. We are sure going to see more of the two in 2019.

Redsan batters Producer Sappy

Redsan and Producer Sappy Photo:Courtesy

The most disturbing audio since the Molis affair more than three years ago put Redsan on the wrong side of netizens.

Redsan, after failing to launch an album that had some serious backing, stormed the studio of the diminutive Sappy to vent out.

After a screaming affair, the bulky dancehall star unleashed wrath on Sappy and his brother, with the gateman nowhere to be found.

The battering went on for minutes, with the two Tanzanians seeking medical help for cuts and bruises hours later.

According to Sappy, Redsan was ungrateful for all the hours and talent spent on making his music, because he never paid a penny! A great friendship ruined.

Tiwa savagely left stranded

She came, she saw and got cornered.

In the country to perform at Redsan’s album launch, the Eminado singer experienced the full service of Kenyan promoters.

Besides being stranded over unpaid bills at a high end hotel, she was not provided with a taxi to take her to the airport.

Tiwa ranted on Instagram, but the said promoters were nowhere to be seen, having perfected the disappearing act.

Everton Blender overstays his stay

Still on fake promoters, Jamaican crooner Everton Blender was left stranded after a show, and had to stay in Kenya for almost a month.

After a show organised by Shashamane Sounds at the Carnivore, he was taken through a cat and mouse game, just like many of his countrymen who at some point blacklisted Kenya for conmanship.  

Deejay Pinye shows his spite

By explaining how he never plays mediocre music, namedropping Khalighraph and DNA, veteran Deejay Pinye got the wrath of artistes, fans and showbiz shareholders who questioned his authority.

The reclusive deejay, who said he can’t play Lamba Lolo, one of the biggest hits of 2018, irked many who felt he had killed many buddings dreams by being spiteful.

Burna Boy shows Kenyans the middle finger

Kenyans were asked to give the show a wide berth, with the powerful KOT leading the drive. See, the husky-voiced Nigerian has not once or twice, given a mediocre performance before insulting his Kenyan fans.

With fans set to attend other gigs that were happing at the same night, a few chose to attend the Burna Boy’s show, and apparently, it was as good as they come. In fact, those who attended made a note of shouting about it.

Ringtone’s love for Zari

Ringtone and Zari Photo:Courtesy

After Simba wa Tandale broke up with the beautiful Zari Hassan, the line for those seeking to fill the vacancy could go all the way from Nairobi to Athi River.

Leading the onslaught was gospel artiste-cum-politician-cum-Mr Moneybags Ringtone, who posed with a Range Rover he claimed he bought as a gift for Zari. After the stunt, the truth came out. The vehicle Ringtone wanted to gift Zari with was actually for hire.

Jacque Maribe eats State’s dondo

Once the darling of State House, besides being a TV siren that got many Kenyan men salivating every time she appeared on their sets, the sassy Maribe was the visitor of the State - she ate hastily cooked madondo instead of Pizza and steak at Nyama Mama for a number of weeks.

Maribe found herself in the dock by association to one Joe Irungu, who is accused of being a murderer. State officials, politicians and showbiz honchos came out in support of her, making a mockery of the justice system.

From a pretty face with a warm smile to a distressed young lady facing serious allegations, it was quite a year for Jacque… with one woman eater…the slay king.

Gigs are the new i-Phone market

What’s the best way to invest Sh30,000? Apparently, you only have to buy a VIP ticket to a gig and steal at least six i-Phones.

Stealing i-Phones has become the easiest way to make money in Nairobi. From Burna Boy to Chronixx to Tarrus Riley, revelers have left these high profile gigs without their beloved phones.

Whether at VVIP, VIP or regular, you take a snap and that’s when your phone disappears. In one gig, a melee was manufactured for just that purpose, to steal!

Dîner en Blanc leaves participants blank

It was billed as the dinner of dinners – the location a secret. What the expectant enthusiasts weren’t told was that they should lower their expectations.

The estimated 600 attendants were not ready with the organisation, wanting food and the lack of a backup plan from the organisers.

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