Seven reasons why Kenyan politicians are obsessed with TV girls


About a month ago, a TV girl was embroiled in domestic drama with a politician’s wife after he proposed to have her for a second wife.

She came out in the open, passionately talking about her love for the vocal man and vowing that theirs was a match made in heaven.

She even went ahead to say that the affair was well known to her parents and everyone who matters and that all the hullabaloo was simply hot air.

It was around the same time that another politician made official his secret affair with a top model he had been dating for almost a year.

The married politician made luxury escapes with the model outside the country and as their photos hit social media, it became apparent that the two had something as the girl already had a ring on.

His wife has been making surprise appearances wherever the two are attending a public function. The latest was in a Nairobi hotel where drama broke as the woman threatened the new flame, loudly, in front of the whole world.

From TV girls, socialites, models and every other beauty who seems to catch public eye, politicians and other prominent personalities among them businessmen and top government officials seem to have an obsession for the ‘hot’ women.

They invite them into their secret parties and pay for tickets for out-of-town trips just to spend time with them. Some end up with their babies while others actually end up becoming spouses. But why?

Objects of desire

TV girls, socialites and models are appealing, for that is their main and common physical character. To a politician, a TV girl would be a trophy to hold and adore.

Enabling environment

Don’t just blame it on the politician, TV girls and all these others have their own role in this.

In the course of their work, they get a chance to mingle and interact with prominent people who are of course their sources and contacts.

It is easy to use this excuse that TV girl ‘A’ went on a business trip with a politician, this simply being a disguise.

Allure of the good life

With the pressure of their friends living life on the fast lane; driving expensive cars and living in posh leafy suburbs, many TV girls find it irresistible when the prominent personalities rolling in money offer to bankroll them.

They can afford flights to Dubai, buy them the latest cars and pimp their life for a little romantic ‘favour’ in return.


You should listen to a group of politicians doing a chit-chat over a drink and bragging of the TV girls they have slept with. Yes, they discuss that a lot.

To them, it is a status thing that, that hot girl doing the Premier time TV bulletin has actually been on their bed....or even better…“She is coming to meet me after this, just wait here and see her live”

Classy and smart

These women are classy and smart upstairs. They are informed on the going-ons in current affairs far and near.

They are, therefore, good sources for politicians who need constant updating of what is happening. This way, to a politician, the TV girl is a secretary to keep the diary.

Dirty business

Models have in the past been used by prominent personalities to traffic drugs, some are even rotting in prisons after getting life sentences.

Due to their stature and VIP treatment, TV models and girls get ‘diplomatic’ treatment that enable them avoid rigorous scrutiny at immigration check points, and so politicians and prominent personalities ‘love’ them as they would use them as conduits.

Mere lust

Sex drives the world, and so do TV girls drive a politician’s sex agenda!

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