Revealed: Phobias you didn’t know your favourite celeb had

Amina, Mayonde and Shaffie [Photo: Courtesy]

Pulsers attending a fashion pageant recently were treated to a rare spectacle as one of the judges, a popular commercial model fainted more than once after a contestant brought a fowl as part of his props on stage.

Another contestant walked on stage with a dove tethered to his arm and the judge went into a fit.

Delia Ipupa later confessed that she has a phobia for fowls. She doesn’t even consume them. 

Crème de la Crème

Celebrated DJ and music producer is no stranger to travel. However, he confesses that he has an uncontrollable fear of darkness and new bedrooms or hotel rooms.

Crème de la Crème [Photo: Courtesy]

“I get very paranoid and sleep with the lights on in hotels whenever I travel. I always feel like someone could sneak into my room,” he says. 

Nadia Mukami

The Si Rahisi hit maker is weirdly afraid of the dark. “I panic every time there’s a blackout at night. I cannot walk or stay in a dark house alone no matter how much I try to convince myself that I should not be paranoid,” she reveals. 

Nadia Mukami [Photo: Courtesy]

DJ Mellow

She is one of the most versatile and leading femcees in the game. That notwithstanding, she claims that she doesn’t trust flies buzzing around her.

DJ Mellow [Photo: Courtesy]

“I get panic attacks and I once almost embarrassed myself went I took off from the DJ’s booth screaming after I was attacked by flies. I just can’t stand them as they make me anxious,” she says. 

Kush Tracy

The Ndulu hitmaker went into a fit and stormed out of the snake park while on a school trip years ago.

Kush Tracy [Photo: Courtesy]

“I just can’t stand snakes yet I find myself in situations involving the slithering reptile,” the rapper confesses. 

Fena Gitu

The Doing Her Thing Tho hitmaker will also not let anything stand in her way if she spots a snake.

Fena Gitu [Photo: Courtesy]

“Anybody who can stand the sight of a snake must have a stone cold heart. I once almost stepped on one at the park and the thought of it still haunts me to date.” 

H_Art The Band

The trio forming H_Art the band have all confessed to different fears. Skoko admits having a fear of falling in a bathroom.

H_Art The Band [Photo: Courtesy]

 “I’ve always thought it’s not honourable to get injured or kick the bucket while naked.” Kenchez is afraid of heights while Modecai would sleep in a den of lions but not a room with mosquitoes.

“These pesky bugs are vampires and they freak me out. Oh and the pain after the bite.” 

DJ Malaika

The young turntablist will abandon even her lover if she spots a crawling animal even as small as a worm. She, however, adds that speed has been her latest fear after she was recently involved in an accident. 

DJ Malaika [Photo: Courtesy]

Shaffie Weru

The media personality may have created a bad boy persona but nothing freaks him out like the sight of a rodent.

Shaffie Weru [Photo: Courtesy]

“I’m like an elephant that fears mice. Once an onion rolled on the floor and I thought it was a rat. I almost broke a leg as I jumped on the kitchen sink screaming, even watching Tom and Jerry was already traumatising.” 


The ever-smiling songstress will go into a fit at the sight of a grasshopper.

Mayonde [Photo: Courtesy]

“I don’t like them at all. I find them so creepy that’s why I’m so cautious while walking in long grass or bushes. A grasshopper once leapt on me in primary school and I cried so hard. I remember the trauma to date vividly.” 

Amina Abdi Rabar

The outspoken radio and TV personality cannot stand the sight of roaches.

Amina Abdi Rabar [Photo: Courtesy]

“I cannot stand their sight. It even gets worse as some of them can fly. I make sure my hubby sorts the mess anytime I have come across one.” 


The punitive radio personality with a big voice lives up to his fear. Mbusi admits to having the fear of becoming fat.

“I don’t know how life would be if I wasn’t this small. I’m very comfortable with my size.” 


Elani have had their fair share of traumatising ordeals. Brian Chweya confesses that rising above the first floor in a building gives him jitters, while Maureen Kunga was once attacked by a spider as a young girl. The loud screams and squeaks could have contributed to her singing voice.

Meanwhile, Wambo remembers being chased by dogs while she was young.

“Luckily I jumped into the house and managed to bang the door with my feet. I cannot stand dogs to date,” she confesses.

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