Eight personalities we would like to see on reality TV shows

Vera Sidika,Ezekiel Mutua and Akothee

Perhaps MTV’s Real World is the grandfather of reality television because it sparked an obsession with reality programming that has surpassed anything the producers could have possibly imagined.

From all those years, reality television has come a long way and the Kenyan industry has also made some steps in the creation of such shows.

Delving deep into people’s personal lives, these kinds of shows expose the participants’ inner struggles, exposing infidelity, flaring tempers and many unsavoury daily realities.

The celebrity cast open their front doors and let us into their personal lives.

We have seen reality stars such as the Kardashians build massive brands that come with substantial commercial success.

This is not just a money-minting platform as it always thrives on controversial, and sometimes salacious, content.

The still-fledgling Being Bahati show has been on the receiving end as some netizens find its content hard to reconcile with the upright image of a gospel artiste.

This has brought about mixed reactions as some believe it has nothing to offer nor is it genuine.

In a country where daily happenings are increasingly becoming stranger than fiction, the idea that a reality show would struggle to be genuine seems far-fetched.

In fact, Nairobi Diaries offered some interesting insights into the lives of socialites, to great horror and acclaim, depending on the side of the divide one stands.

Our showbiz scene has individuals whose lives would offer fine content for a reality TV show and we profiled some for you:



This bold and unapologetic woman has come out to cut her niche and does not let anyone tell her what to do.

The flamboyance and opulence that comes with her vibe is something that always gets people talking for days on end.

A controversial singer and self-proclaimed president of single mothers, Akothee is known for her flashy life and taste for the finer of things in life.

Her lavish lifestyle rotates around three countries where she owns properties. Two of her mansions are located in Kenya, specifically Mombasa and Rongo, the others are to be found in Lugano (Switzerland), Zurich (Switzerland) and in Normandy (France).

The feisty mother of five attracts love and hate in almost equal measure. She is not shy about parading her children and numerous achievements on social media.

And she serves as good as she gets to anyone who intrudes into her space with unnecessary comments.

Ezekiel Mutua

Ezekiel Mutua

The Kenya Film Commission Board (KFCB) boss, Ezekiel Mutua has received his fair share of barbs and bouquets online.

One might not be wrong in concluding that the one-man moral police finds himself at the centre of polarising debate, drawing bile and praise, in almost all the stances he takes.

From taking strict measures on films he deems morally wanting to banning condom adverts on TV, Mutua has become a household name among Kenyans. His is to basically guard the youngsters and vulnerable adults from accessing any inappropriate content (mostly nudity, vulgarity or too much violence).

Kenyans would be very elated to see his other life away from the spotlight, whether he is watching a TV show (which one would that be?) at home, going shopping or even praising the Lord during a Sunday church worship.

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi

The skinny stand-up comedian lives a flashy lifestyle and is never ashamed of flaunting it. With his famous Italian girlfriend Chantal Grazioli, they have set tongues wagging a couple of times.

He has pulled a couple of stunts including erecting a whole billboard to welcome her back from her vacation. These two would make a good recipe for a reality show.

Shaffie Weru

Shaffie Weru

The Raverend, as he is normally referred to, is a self-proclaimed bad boy. He has this charming personality that every now and then places him on the spotlight all over the country.

And he is well-known for his luxurious spending on items like electronics, cars, watches, racing motorbikes, and shoes. The radio presenter and MC is a controversy-magnet and a self-confessed spendthrift.

Shaffie is among the best-paid radio presenters in the country, as well as being among the MCs who charge lucrative fees.

The undisputed bad boy of showbiz once intimated that his teachers thought he was a devil worshipper due to his swag but he made his way up the ladder despite the challenges.

He said he hustles hard in order to enjoy life, and who would not want to see how he goes about enjoying life?


The Muraya's

Samuel Muraya, aka DJ Mo, and his singer wife Size 8, is one of the most sought-after gospel couple in the showbiz industry attracting both adoration and envy from friends and critics.

With their celebrity baby in tow and an already up and running the Muraya Vlog, they are already in the full glare of the public.



The Mwatia brothers; Daddy Owen, Rufftone, Slejj and Fidel, have always been a force to reckon with in the entire showbiz scene. The first two, Rufftone and Daddy Owen, have faced so much together from a time when the idea of a gospel music industry was just but a distant rumour to becoming leading members of the scene’s court. But when it comes to their personal lives little is known.

Their private life is a close-knit family affair that you actually cannot pinpoint a controversy they have been involved in. They would probably bring the soft side of the reality TV show.



Another gospel musician who has done all manner of stunts in order to keep his career afloat is Alex Apoko.

He once declared himself the richest musician in Kenya as he took to social media, crowned himself and posted photos to ‘prove’ this status.

He is known for his publicity stunts and recently he was all over the media about claims that he was turning into an Anglican priest when he appeared clad in a priestly robe.

Ringtone has scandals written all over, be it drama from a baby mama or his undying love for Zari where he claimed he bought her a Sh7 million Range Rover and offered to take care of her children. But before this he had again said that God was directing him towards Ray C.

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika

Through the You Guy video shot back in 2012, a successful socialite was born. Regarded as one of Kenya’s most controversial women due to her extraordinary and lavish lifestyle and opinions about life in general, the socialite bares it all on her social media platforms.

While we are running a marathon about her social life, her love life is sprinting a 100m race. Every now and then it has to be a scandal about her love life with the latest being the dumping of Otile Brown.

She once also featured in a television reality show, The Nairobi Diaries, which featured her fellow socialites and is also the owner of Veetox Tea. Away from all these, who wouldn’t want to know how Miss Sidika rolls behind the walls of her apartment?

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