Hamisa Mobetto hints that she is in love

Hamisa Mobetto [Photo: Courtesy]

Diamond’s flame Hamisa Mobetto is not getting off the headlines anytime soon.

The beauty who has a son with Diamond, Abdul Naseeb Jnr, has been on the news all week after releasing her debut song Madame Hero, a track that has been getting negative reviews.

Asked if she had gotten any marriage proposal, the diva said it takes chemistry to be in love saying the only time she felt so deep was when she was having a fling with Diamond.

 “Wapo wengi tu ambao wamekuja kutaka posa lakini kuoana na mtu mnatakiwa muwe na chemistry moja. Mimi na Diamond tushakuwa na mtoto lakini nina mwingine pia kama alivyo yeye (There are many who have come to me proposing but marriage takes chemistry. Diamond and I have a child but I also have another child, like he does,” she said hinting that she could be having a romantic affair.