Life at the crossroads, Anerlisa Muigai’s woes

Anerlisa Muigai [Photo: Courtesy]

Probably the biggest controversy Anerlisa Muigai shockingly found herself in was the Sh19.9 million law suit, a court matter that came out about four months ago.

Here was one of the most enviable young entrepreneurs from one of the most powerful business families in Kenya battling with legal woes around a number of commercial transactions and reported security placed to clear goods at the port of Mombasa.

Anerlisa’s ex-boyfriend, Ben Kangangi, was also drawn into the picture.

The material time in the suit papers dated as far back as 2015.     

According to the suit papers: “As the debt remained outstanding, the plaintiff received a phone call from the police Flying Squad summoning him to the police station as the vehicle held in lieu of the loans was stolen from the defendant’s mother, Tabitha Karanja of Keroche Industries.”

After being summoned by police, Mwangeka, in whose possession the car had been under, surrendered the Range Rover as police said it was not registered in Anerlisa’s name. It was her mother’s company's car.

He went ahead to hold an Audi Q7. He, however, didn’t get its logbook as Ben Kangangi claimed the car had been registered to him.

Mwangeka says Anerlisa’s reputation was “very high” and he could not imagine failure to repay or issuance of dud cheques, and in view of the foregoing, stopped charging interest on the principal sums and opted for legal redress as the Sh13 million had risen to Sh19.9 million.

In her statement of defence through her lawyers, Mungu, Kimetto & Company Advocates, Anerlisa admitted to borrowing the money from Mwangeka on the diverse dates mentioned.

However, she argued that the interest charged on the said loans was “illegal, oppressive and extortionist and therefore unenforceable.” In her defence, she further argued that the loan was borrowed on behalf of Ben Kangangi, a fact that was made known to Mwangeka when borrowing the money.

Anerlisa argued that Mwangeka should recoup the loans from Kangangi since “the said Kangangi is the principal debtor and the defendant is not liable to the plaintiff for the sums claimed and therefore does not owe any other amount.”

When all this was happening, Arnelisa had just turned 30 in style after hosting her 30 top friends, celebrated personalities, to a lavish party held in Nairobi, a ceremony we attended.

Before and After Photo of Anerlisa Muigai [Photo: Courtesy]

Besides, how important this special day was, coming at a moment when Anerlisa had just unveiled her new sexy look after hitting the gym having suffered heart complications.

2015 had been her depressing year. Her doctor had advised that she cut down on her 120 kilogrammes weight for her own sake. She had managed to slice half of it. How about a toast to that?

On her previous birthday, she had introduced her close male friend of five years Stephen Kung’u to the world.

On this night, businessman Don DK was in the picture. They parted ways bitterly three months ago. Don DK told Pulse he regretted their affair as his heart was somewhere else.

Anerlisa Muigai and Don DK [Photo: Courtesy]

And with all that drama behind her, the social media active Anerlisa now has the world talking, this time round about her best friend Tasha.

Early this month, the young millionaire, made a post on her Instagram page in which she expressed her adoration for Tasha. “Hey Tasha looking fine. #BFF,” she scribbled across the tomboy dressed friend’s bosom.

This was followed by another post on her Instagram page with her standing next to Tasha, having a taste of desert as she shares a message with the BFF.

“Showing Tasha what girls are saying about her in my DM and how many want to be friends with her. Her Ig handle is @asha_badass (no comments allowed today).

Anerlisa’s blind teaser has left many guessing as to what this “BFF” business alludes to.