Former Nairobi diaries actress Risper Faith reveals baby bump, speaks on her marriage

Riper with her husband, Brian [Courtesy]

For the first time since they got married last year, former video vixen and socialite Risper Faith speaks about marriage, her pregnancy and the little bedroom secrets that have kept her and hubby Brian's fire burning

Pulse: Congrats on your pregnancy. The countdown is on. When do we expect the new bundle of joy?

Risper: We pray that baby comes before Christmas (laughs). It has been months now and we are looking at November as the actual month. Keep your fingers crossed.

P: Have you been anxious about the sex of the baby and if so, have you tried to find out?

R: Well, anxious yes! However, it is still a bit early so we haven’t found out yet. Besides, I have never been so happy about anything in life as I am about this. Once we find out the sex of the baby, you will be the first ones to know.

P: What are the possible names you will give the baby now that baby names and celebs are quite a fuss?

R: We both decided to be creative. We will fuse our names and come up with a name for the baby. That must be unique, right?

P: Many celebs seemingly have baby phobia as they take their time to get babies after their marriage…. You guys took the other way…

R: (Laughs) See, when you are young you are more fertile. I married Mr Right so hey, why wait. This is God’s plan. My husband is mature and responsible and most of all caring. He loves to stay home so…who am I to say no?

P: How has this state affected your life?

R: Being a wife comes with lots of responsibilities and more so the thought of being a new mother. I have been taking a lot of my time taking care of my husband and the unborn (child). They both need my attention. Besides my eating habits have changed. I crave for savory food like crisps. At night, I crave for my man. I like him around me.

P: Work outs?

R: Yes! We take a walk every evening around our neighbourhood. I have also started prenatal yoga that I find very amazing. I also take vitamins.

P: Are you worried about your curves and all that baby fat stuff changing your looks – at this point?

R: Nope! Not at all. Am more worried about the safety of the baby and also being healthy. Body fat can be dealt with later as Brian (her husband) promised me a mommy make over after baby comes.

P: This is the first interview you are doing since you got married about a year now. How has it been since?

R: Marriage has been dope. See, we were friends before we got married so I still feel like we are happy dating. We have learned to respect each other and remain humble and this I must say is our biggest strength. We have also surrounded ourselves with great mentors. We have no drama.

P: Has marriage compromised your business and showbiz life?

R: I am a business woman. Nothing would compromise that. I can work from home. I have a good business chain stretching all the way to Dubai.

P: Your life seems to have taken a 360 degree turn around. Do you miss anything from your single life?

R: Absolutely nothing. Marriage makes you stable and responsible. I am a better person and so why would I look back?

P: That said, we understand Brian has taken time off his businesses to take care of you…

R: Yes and I thank and respect him for that. He means everything to me. I mean everything to him.