Vera Sidika: Otile Brown and I are serious

  • With an invites-only, all-white themed party over the weekend, Vera Sidika joined the lucrative and competitive beauty business with the launch of her new parlour
  • She opened up about her love affair with Otile Brown

Socialite and entrepreneur has joined the list of female celebrities who have opened up high-end salons after she launched hers on Sunday evening in Western Heights, Westlands.

Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour (VSBP) is the beauty’s latest project, which kick starts its business today. The official opening, attended by some of the most influential people in the entertainment industry including some media personalities, was an all-white themed event.

Vera, whose five thousand dollar sequin gown from Tanzania turned heads at the event expressed her joy of finally having launched her own beauty parlour.

“This is a dream come true. Welcome to a place where you can relax and have a splendid time as we make you look beautiful and glamorous”, said an excited Vera.

“I have been busy focusing on my new salon, reason why I have not left the country this year. Most people associate me with my crazy ways especially on social media but now that I have taken time to focus on my business, my life has taken a different turn.”

“My new parlour is not some sort of competition with other salon owners but just an idea that I had about two years ago. There is no bad blood,” she added when asked about what she thought of other salons owned by female celebrities in town including Posh Palace and Flair By Betty.

In attendance as well was her new boyfriend, musician Otile Brown who had just jetted in from Tanzania to attend his lady’s main event. On arrival, the two lovebirds quickly took to the carpet for a photo session as they exchanged prolonged and affectionate hugs and pecks.

The two whose relationship has been termed by many as a publicity stunt, confirmed that indeed they were an item.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

“Otile and I are actually in a serious relationship and no, I am not pregnant,” exclaimed Vera.

“A lot has been said about us in the tabloids with some terming me as a sugar mummy. We are actually one year apart, something most people do not seem to understand.”

Otile backed Vera’s remarks and added that it was impossible to make everyone happy, which is why sometimes it is better to let people believe what they want to. He was elated that Vera’s dream of one day opening up a beauty parlour had finally become a reality.

The luxurious salon is modelled after Beverly Hills and the lass explained that she wanted to bring the Beverly Hills feel home.

“I want it to be both perfect and comfortable as we will also be serving wine and champagne”.

True to her words, there was a lot of Moët & Chandon champagne at the event to celebrate the grand opening of her new business venture.