Gin Ideal back with a hot new single 'Shuga'

Gin Ideal Photo: Courtesy

Pulse: Your released Kuna Kitu in April, last year and then went quiet. We almost thought you’d quit music…

Gin Ideal: I have been in transition. I left Grandpa Records sometime last year and took a break to think what would be the next course of action. I signed up with Taurus Musik in February and all is looking up.

P: Why did you leave Grandpa?

GI: I had a good time there but I felt that it was time for change. I had been there for two and half years and I needed to get more aggressive. Since moving to Taurus Musik, I have recorded a number of songs and Shuga is the first release.

Gin Ideal Photo: Courtesy

P: Can you tell us about the deal with Taurus Musik?

GI: Taurus Musik is a 360 degrees artistes’ management stable and the package they gave me sounds good and practical. I, however, can’t give you details about our agreement. They have been the home of music talent looking at the likes of Dela and Kagwe Mungai and the success they have recorded there. They know what I want to achieve at this point of my career and everyone is pushing their end.

P: You push the envelope, coming out seductively, in Shuga. Is that the new Gin Ideal?

GI: Well (laughs), seductive? Sexy you mean? That is Gin Ideal for you if you recall Kuna Kitu and Rede, which were also a bit of that.

Gin Ideal Photo: Courtesy

P: Who did you have in mind while writing the song?

GI: (Laughs) Come on! No one really. It is just a girly song. I am trying to dare this imaginary guy to come taste my sugar. The song has a deep African message. I believe everyone has feelings about this thing…

P: Will we be getting more of this?

GI: Let’s say that I love to treat my fans to feel-good love songs, something we can all relate to. I am pushing to have music with good content and I can tell you that another video is already set for release.

P: There is a vacuum brought about the fact that Kenyan female artistes aren’t doing much…

GI: I feel like female artistes have become too comfortable and most are afraid of bringing out that artistic side from their natural self. This is the space I want to fill. I want to shake up things and put our music on the map. I want to be such an irresistible package. It is not that I don’t respect what others are doing but all I am saying is that most guys are just playing too safe.

P: Are you working on any collabos?

GI: Expect many surprises…good surprises.


Shuga By Gin Ideal