Noti Flow is back and she's stoking trouble

Rapper Noti Flow

Taking it up from the female rappers beef that fizzled out last year, rapper Noti Flow is back, throwing some heat, this time at Femi One.

In her new track The Game is Mine off her nine-song EP Noti Flow Love, the straight-shooting rapper calls out Femi and Kush Tracey, rappers she has had beef with since the release of the diss-track Pilau Njeri.

“Bullsh** is he language that you are speaking. Fame is zero, you changed your name from Uno. Bi**ch you bodied, you faded like you boondox. You switched the game now you’re fighting kina Kendi.

Thought you signed mbona bado huna any,” she raps, her innuendoes aimed at Femi, whom she teases should be out of the rapping game.

“Am just doing my thing and if anyone thinks I am attacking them then they are entitled to their opinion. What they do after that is their problem. The thing is that I am back with a nine-track EP and my focus is to have my fans enjoy my creativity as that is what I had promised them,” Noti told Pulse.

“I am not looking for beef but would somebody…anybody…feel so then they can bring it on. The game is mine,” she challenges.