Gospel truth: Artist blackmailed into paying child support for another man’s child

Paul Onyango aka Boss

There are times he went without food and accumulated rent arrears to pay for child support after a girl he had a one-night-stand with told him she had his child. Now, Paul Onyango aka Boss, the celebrated gospel singer formerly of the group Men of God (MOG) exclusively reveals to Pulse magazine his heartache and fury after the supposed baby-mama came clean and confessed it was all a lie:

For more than three years now, Paul Onyango aka Boss has been toiling day and night to make ends meet as he seeks to pay child support for a child he supposedly fathered in 2015. It is a story filled with fury and torment, a nasty experience where the victim-turned-villain has been fleecing the former MOG singer. Now, she says it was all a lie.

Looking distressed, Boss, a withdrawn music star, gathers his courage, sips his soft drink and as if weary of unseen enemies, throws his eyes around before he mumbles a ‘hi’.

It is quiet in this restaurant and we have assured him that ‘it will be all right’. Besides, for days, he had been looking for us to let it all off his chest

— a scandal that has been slowly killing him. It is a no-holds-barred exclusive on him, and one Tina, a mysterious upcoming media personality who came into his life as an angel of light only to leave a dark veil, a cloud even, which has been the singer’s agony since.

Far beyond the old woes that befell the award-winning gospel group, MOG, after Kenty, one member of the trio, was accused of impregnating a fan, a scandal that tore the group members apart at the height of their singing career back in 2015, a member of MOG found himself in a fresh one…and you are hearing it from us.

As the coffee steams on, I notice that Boss has grown a bit more mature, his dreadlocks are longer and, now, he has a fresh cut look; his black suit sits well on him. Though a bit jittery as some fans notice him, he remains composed and expectant and as anxiety kicks in, he shoots first.

“You are good?” he greets me, taking a moment to pull his seat closer.

 “Oh yeah…I am good bro. It’s been a minute. What’s kicking,” I break the ice, easing the tension with another hot sip.

He nods as he slices his fingers through his dreads, and then rests his left hand on his chin. A thin smile flashes across his face. We are good to go.

“You have been looking for us… so here we are. Must be some good news…Is it a launch or something… wedding bells, perhaps?” I ask, my phone recorder set and my notebook and pen ready to get the big story.

“It is not good news. In fact, it is the complete opposite. I have been exploited mentally and financially by a certain lady called Tina. I have been going through this since 2015 and I can’t keep this a secret anymore. So I called you because I wanted to let it out…let the public know the truth,” head bowed down, he lets out.

“Tina sings with the Swahili Jazz band. You probably know her. She also says she is a journalist. When I met her back in 2015, she sounded like she was the answer to my questions as a young entrepreneur who had just started a new music label and that is why I let her in and then one thing led to another. I have been living in agony,” he pauses. His pain is visible in his squinting face.

Boss claims that the two had a casual agreement to have Tina promote his work and help him in making his label visible in the market.

The idea excited him as he had just come from a low moment with MOG disintegrating and leaving the three members to seek solace in solo careers. Admitting that she sounded really ambitious and informed, Boss says he had no reason to suspect that she was here on a different mission.

The two came close as time went on but interestingly, Boss didn’t get to know even her second name. However, as it would turn, as Boss says, Tina, a charmingly beautiful girl trapped him into an affair and the two went romantic. One night, things got intimate between the two.

“The truth is that we had sex but it is not like we were lovers. No, it was one of those things you find yourself in. Something you do and wish to forget. That was just it,” confesses Boss.

And after this incident everything went south for Boss.

“Tina neither came back to see me nor to go on with the work we had agreed to do together. Instead, she kept off and started making calls to me telling me that she was carrying my child and even threatening that she would leak it all to the media if I did not cooperate. This came as a shocker. My heart broke into many small pieces,” he reveals.

Happier times: Boss with his fiancee Charity Muiruri

Boss was afraid that the world would judge him harshly now that he was a gospel singer and a celebrity in the limelight. His public image would be eroded with an already broken trust after the other MOG incident. Yes, having sex with the girl was wrong, but now, the talk of a child and the fear of what would follow was a dream Boss would hate to wake up from. This, he didn’t want to imagine.

“I kept on having this feeling that something wasn’t right…something wasn’t adding up. I could tell that the pregnancy was probably not mine and this was blackmail but now, the threats were real and my name would soon be on the line.

I gave in to her demands and agreed to give child support even as she asked me to keep off her life. Every time I wanted to go see them, she would bring up lame reasons as to why I could not visit and that’s how I never got to see them for the three years.

At times when it’s raining I would imagine may be they are out there getting rained on or may be some days they wouldn’t have anything to eat, but she never wanted anything to do with me getting close to the baby something I found both heart-breaking and weird,” Boss says.

Asked how much he was giving as child support per month, Boss says that the agreement was not about making payments on a monthly basis but rather sending a substantial amount throughout, finances that would help towards shopping for the baby and also ensure that house bills were paid. He would send her Sh10,000 or even Sh15,000. Sometimes he would be so broke that he would send her Sh2,000. Besides, he gave all he could get from his hustle.

“Literally, I felt like I was living for this. It is like I owed my life to it.”

And how would he explain this to his fiancée, Charity Muiruri, the enviable beauty he has been warming up to since last year? The Vumilia singer confesses of enduring sleepless nights as he figured out how to break the news to her admitting that he always feared their relationship would end.

“I have been living in fear. I didn’t know how to explain this as much as I love Charity and that I wouldn’t want to keep secrets from her,” Boss tells Pulse. 

Unable to stand this agony, Boss made a final demand to Tina last month, that he must meet her and see ‘his’ child. He said that the cat and mouse games had to come to an end now that the blogs were taking it up.

“When I called her, she told me to go to Huruma where she lives. I became hesitant as this could have been a trap so I opted for a neutral point. I told her I would send a cab to go pick her and the baby and she agreed,” he notes adding that five hours on, she didn’t communicate back.

Boss with Charity

“When I later called her to ask if they were still meeting me, she went cold, and in an unfriendly tone said the whole baby talk had been a lie and that I should forget it all together.

What a bombshell this was!

“I was so confused and didn’t know how to react, three years after living a lie that sucked all my money. This had been a con game...She did not even have an apologetic tone…” Boss recalls.

The fact remained that Tina had a baby, a baby whose father she now revealed to Boss. Then, there was another bombshell. According to Boss, she confessed that there were four other guys whom she’s been getting money from using the baby. She even had phone text messages to prove it.

“This is Nairobi and one has to survive. After all, a woman has got to do what a woman got to do,” she told Boss.

When Pulse reached out to Tina to connect the dots, she admitted that indeed she knew Boss and that this had been going on since 2015. Asked why she would con someone in the name of a baby, she says it was because she was going through a hard patch and had to make ends meet.

She confessed to having paid Boss a visit and having sex with him. However, she says she never had a work deal with him as she plays the whole saga down saying Boss is taking it too far. In contradiction, Boss says during the time, they had two interviews but they were not published anywhere.

 “I am a very small person, how can I market his (Boss) label while he is the one with such a public image to do so. Isn’t that a lie?” Tina challenges in defence.