I was poisoned in Kenya in 2016: Bahati’s new catch Rebecca Soki

Rebecca Soki Kalwenze from Congo

On Tuesday this week, gospel singer and Eastlands Most Beloved (EMB) CEO Bahati introduced his new signing, Rebecca Soki Kalwenze from Congo and she reveals to Pulse how she was poisoned in Kenya in 2016 before she came back this year to start her new mission:

Bahati has been one of the biggest highlights in the entertainment industry this week. In a ceremony attended by the who’s-who in the showbiz industry and held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, the singer stood as the sound of unification when he asked the stakeholders to work together in helping take the industry to the next level.

“I started in a very humble way and as many of you can attest, I had to seek wisdom as well as physical and financial support from you to make it in the industry. You held my hand and lifted me and that is why I am here today. I am humbled…very humbled…” Bahati said.

“It is out of this that I started EMB, a stable that is mainly meant to assist upcoming talents. We have the likes of David Wonder and Mr Seed and today, I unveil EMB record’s new signing, please welcome Rebecca Soki Kalwenze,” he announced.

The soft-spoken and gentle Rebecca was born in Congo. Her upbringing saw her spend a significant amount of time in church as her father and mother were ministers of the gospel, as well as singers. This built her love for gospel music.

“I started singing at a very early age. I recorded Mungu Wetu si Kiziwi and Kile Ninachojua, songs that were received well in the industry,” Rebecca tells Pulse.

But then, war broke in Congo and she was forced to move to Kenya as a refugee and while here, she tried to keep the fire burning. However, the fact that she was in a foreign land meant that the challenges for her breakthrough were enormous.

Rebecca Soki

“I came to Kenya and for seven years things were hard. I worked with a number of people, celebrated gospel people who recorded music with me but ended up cheating and using me. I was even poisoned and became critically ill. For eight or so months, I could neither talk nor function normally,” she reveals.

As to who poisoned Rabecca during that September day in 2016, no one knows. However, close sources do indicate that it could have been people within the gospel industry. For now, she does not wish to discuss that as memories of her vomiting blood throughout that time still linger.

“After that, I never wished to come back to Kenya as much as I had a strong sense that my calling was in Kenya. Even after Bahati looked for me and called me to come back here, I told him I could not come until I heard God’s voice. After three months of waiting, God confirmed and that is why I am back here,” she says.

“I am just glad that EMB Records have signed me and that I am back on my feet. I understand that they have had over 50 submissions from female artistes who want to join and what an honour that I am the first one to be signed. I now have a chance to serve God across East Africa before I reach out to the whole world,” a joyful Rebecca says.

Rebecca with Bahati

Her new song, Baraka Zangu that was released on Tuesday is a testimony of what God has done with her life throughout the trying times.

“This is my first release with EMB Records and I would say, the song is meant to relaunch my music career. I want to thank my fans and tell them that the best is on the way,” she concludes.