Papa Dennis: Money is not a big deal, I have sh50 million in my account

Papa Dennis [Photo Courtesy]

With three bank accounts and a claim of Sh50 million in them, gospel artiste Papa Dennis does not understand why people are making a big fuss about his sudden wealth.

“Why should money be such a big talk? I mean, money is just but a means to a cause. I don’t think Sh50 million is cash we should be discussing as this could even be loose change to a 19-year-old footballer playing in the English Premier League. The cash I have is just like that Davido and the rest of the musicians have. No big deal,” Papa Dennis told Pulse, adding that he was humble that God has blessed him.

The singer who is riding high with his new Mayaya remix featuring Flavour says it didn’t cost him much to have Flavour agree on working on the collabo with him as people would suggest.

“I work under a good and reputable management and the deal was well negotiated between the two teams before we flew to South Africa where most of the video costs were incurred. We hired a chopper and other facilities that cost us some good amount,” he said without disclosing how much.

The video was released early this week and there are rumours that more collabos – with leading African artistes, are on the way.