[email protected] hits back at King Kaka over diss track


  • King Kaka accuses 2000s music A-list celebs for showing him no respect before fame
  • He takes on Nameless saying he refused to give him his mobile telephone number
  • He accused [email protected], JuaCali and the Calif  Records crew, P Unit, Anto NeoSoul for looking down on him

Controversy sells. Currently, King Kaka and Jay Z are riding on it. And it’s working for both in their different worlds. King Kaka, is on a tell-all diss track. Jay Z is on Family Feud, a video that seems to idolise him and his family.

Since Saturday last week, the social media has been abuzz with Jay-Z’s new Family Feud video and yes, blogs are making a kill out of it. However, the Catholic League of Religious and Civil Rights president Bill Donohue is not pleased and now he has blasted Jay-Z over the Ava DuVernay creation.

Taking to the Catholic League’s official website, Donohue gave Jay Z a piece of his mind saying, “Is it anti-Catholic? No, it is not a bigoted assault. Indeed, it pales next to Jay-Z’s relentless racist (and anti-black) lyrics. But it is nonetheless gratuitous as well as exploitative, just the kind of thing we would expect from this genius couple,”

The 8-minute long video is a story of some of black Hollywood biggest names as they told the futuristic tale of a royal family’s journey towards dominating a new society. In the video, Jay-Z takes his daughter Blue Ivy into a church where he confesses his sins to his wife Beyoncé, that now being seen as idolising themselves.

Back at home, it is King Kaka who is making the headlines for an equally controversial but unrelated matter. The 30-year-old rapper who started off as an underground conscious rapper is getting some matters off his chest and as it seems, before he became King Kaka the other day, it seems the Kaka Sungura aka Rabbit - or do we just say Kennedy Ombima - had no friend in the showbiz circles.

In the single titled Angles King Kaka is calling out what would be referred to as the Kenyan 2000s music A-list celebs whom he accuses of showing him no respect as he was trying to get to the limelight.

He starts by taking on [email protected], JuaCali and the Calif  Records crew, P Unit, Anto NeoSoul who he accuses of looking down on him, saying his wasn’t ‘music’.

He takes on Nameless saying he refused to give him his mobile telephone number and producer Ulopa for having snubbed his Facebook inbox chats.

 He whines of how Duplex records, where Abbas and most of the then reputable hip-hop heads used to record claiming that they chased him away and also complains about the Kamba hip-hop duo Wakamba Wawili (Labalaa and Agano) saying they told him off when he asked to be featured in the Hip Hop Halisi show they used to present on NTV.

He goes ahead to throw shade at MTV-award winning boy band Sauti Sol alluding that they gave him no time as he begged them to record with him a chorus and rants about Ogopa greats Dux Vultures (Moustapha and Nasty Thomas) saying they took him round and could not grant him a collabo. The list of this bitter rant is endless.

 It’s like the real release of what should have been his 2008 release, Tales of Kaka Sungura and judging from the song the Swahili Shakespeare lyrist cares less what you may think of him now.

We all recall how DJ Loop helped the former Eastleigh High School student by signing him and giving him a home at Sneed Music and it was then when he released Adisia, Niko Kwa Jam Nakam and Promised Land but the question is what prompted King Kaka to ruffle feathers with everyone in the industry at this time?

Does the poet simply want to encourage those going through a struggle in their music life?

Although he is known for his back-and-forth beef with some of the industry hip-hop stars like Octopizzo, whom he doesn’t mention in this song, this track will no doubt cause a fresh storm in the music industry.

It indeed has. Only hours after the song was released BMG Empire got [email protected] in the booth and released Blunder, a reply to King Kaka whom the Sitoi Kitu Kidogo singer warns ‘only God can make you big’.

“I have real issues so don’t bring yours here…,” [email protected] scoffs.