J Blessing’s sound venture, relationship with Avril

  • Music producer J Blessing had expanded his scope into Pace Africa, a Kenyan company that designs music accessories
  • He has a recent launch that is happening aboard an aeroplane, he opens up about his venture and Avril

Pulse: It’s a new year, what have you lined up?

J Blessing: We are at 3 months but it’s good to see that people consider us a notable player in the market in regards to quality headphones.

We launched in September and by the time we clock one year, we shall be in other African countries.

P: Which ones have you set your eyes on and what makes them favourable?

JB: We are focused on Tanzania and Nigeria this year because of their large and dynamic market bases. We are already in talks with celebrities who shall be the brand’s ambassadors.

Just like Khaligraph has done an awesome job in Kenya, the celebrities we pick will also be top-notch mass movers.

P: Was it difficult starting out in the Kenyan market?

JB: Like many dreams and projects, you have to conquer the fears and invest where you want to succeed.

Fortunately I had experience in good sound and music production so my partner Larry and I identified the market gap and sought to fill it.

P: Tell us about the launch and why did you a flight as your platform of choice?

JB: In showbiz, I have learnt that you need to go big or go home. We were out to be unique and big in our second product launch because we knew that it would influence our future business.

Secondly the platform would grant us exposure to new audiences and matter of fact, we signed some new corporate deals after that launch.

P: Talking about new audiences, Kenyan celebrities seem to have embraced the brand; is Pace Africa inclined to celebrities?

JB: Music is a language we all understand, but musicians will definitely fall in love with musical accessories easier because it’s in their daily life and listening to music on good headphones is a bonus.

We are also happy that local celebrities love our brand because they have helped us to spread the word round and win larger audiences.

P: With regards to the corporate partnerships, how were you able to win them onto a showbiz brand?

JB: Sometimes, you have to take your time building the brand and laying solid foundations.

We’ll I have done my time in the industry and that came in handy for me to make contact with corporates like Safaricom, DStv, Skyward and as time goes, more links are made.

P: Do you still do music videos.

JB: Yes. But for the chosen ones. These days I have more responsibilities, including the Churchill Show that I produce weekly, but knowing that I started out in music production, it has been my prowess for years and I will always make time for it.

P: You have played an instrumental role in many musicians’ careers including Bahati and Willy Paul. Do they fall under your “chosen ones”?

JB: Let’s say that I am proud of how far the musicians I worked with earlier on have grown and if they were to call me for a project I would make time.

However, I would be happier to work with an artiste who brings new sound to the industry because I feel like so many people are replicating established artistes.

P: If an artiste is succeeding in a certain genre, shouldn’t the upcoming ones emulate them?

JB: It’s OK to emulate the characteristics of a successful artiste, things like consistency, great videos, but it doesn’t make sense to sing like Diamond; his genre, delivery, his dressing, I mean… we can only have so many Diamonds or Khaligraphs.

P: Word on the street is that you and Avril are in a relationship...

JB: No, I have no comment in regards to that! It’s like people just wake up, see me with a lady and speculate that I am dating her.

P: You are a celebrity so your relationships will raise questions to be asked. Are you dating?

JB: Let’s just say, I can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again. I have learnt my lessons and moved on.