Where to find the biggest stars this New Year’s Eve


Dj Creme de la Creme, Suzanne Owiyo and Sauti Sol
  • Tonight award-wining-boyband Sauti Sol will be at Club Sting
  • Their lead singer Bien will be celebrating his birthday
  • City clubs have sealed deal for mega jump over shows

You must have spotted them; trendy and sharp looking young guys walking with a slant and talking with an accent. And yes, they ooze attitude as they flip the snap backs and dark sunglasses. All over Nairobi uptown clubs, these guys are distinct.

The summer bunnies are in town. Every year, young Kenyans living in the diaspora jet into Nairobi looking forward to make amends for what they have missed back at home - all year, while away. The nyama choma and the Tusker is always on top of their list.

They want to hear the new Kenyans hits and know which celebrity is on top of the game. They want club hop trying to check out the new lounges and the city life in general. These guys are cool. They have taken over our city and there is no letting go till mid-January when their holiday is over.

It is probably for this reason why many uptown clubs have invested heavily in New Year events. Unlike other December holiday seasons, they have locked most of the leading artistes for shows that kick off today.

You would probably expect Sauti Sol to be having a show somewhere in Mombasa but shock on you, tonight, the boy-band, arguably the biggest band in Africa right now, will be at Club Sting in the city for a concert that is not going to be your ordinary show. It is going to be a major party.

Being their lead singer Bien’s birthday, Sauti Sol will be at sting to celebrate Bien as well as the achievements they have made this year. Those who know Sauti Sol well, know them for making their birthday parties a big deal.

According to sources at Club Sting, this show is expected to generate a full-house attendance and as it would be expected, Sauti Sol are ready to end the year there by giving their Nairobi fans a good parting shot.

“Contrary to many people’s belief, that many young people have travelled out of the city and that clubs are registering poor attendance, this is not the case as we have had huge sales and huge numbers throughout this season.

 This weekend starting today, we expect a boom. The Sauti Sol event should be a full-house affair and so this is the place to be,” says one of the managers in charge of events at the new posh club.

We have so many young Kenyans who have travelled from the diaspora who seem to be loving every moment in our club. They are loving the local music and the local touch of showbiz and that is why we went for Sauti Sol as they are the best. And this being Bien’s birthday, how better does it get?” he teases.

Strange as it may sound, Kenya’s top and regionally celebrated deejays Creme de la Creme and DJ Mfalme will both be at Club Space Lounge, arguably the uptown club that has recorded the biggest sales this year.

Even with all the demand to have the two deejays play in leading Coastal clubs where the party traditionally goes to during this time of the year, the two have kept their feet firmly in the city and it will be interesting how their New Year eve at Club Space Lounge works – these being the best deejays in Kenya now in one gig.

“These are the best deejays we have in the country and as you know, they are also the masters of the turntable across the region and that is why we went for them so as to give our revelers the best as they celebrate the coming of the New Year. This event will be characterised with midnight fireworks, a great spectacle that should inform the whole world that indeed, Nairobi is alive in the New Year. We expect to display the best fireworks in the city,” says Gitonga, one of the bosses at Club Space Lounge. 

“We have not only opted to do this gig simply because it is a good deal but also because it also offers us an opportunity to connect with our regular fans as well as those from the diaspora as we jump over to 2018,” says DJ Creme de la Creme.

And if you are looking for a cool place to enjoy the New Year eve night with the laid back benga music touch, well, Suzanna Owiyo, the ‘Queen of Benga’ will be at the New Dolce VIP Lounge on Sunday night where she will be entertaining her fans with her great hits.

Complete with a back-up band, the singer will thrill her fans with her popular hits. Dress code is elegant. Entry fee is Sh3,000.

Other uptown clubs that have organised big New Year eve shows include Club Mempis along Thika road, one of the latest posh joints in town that summer bunnies no doubt need to check out.

The club is known for hosting international artistes and rumour has it that they will have a New Year surprise this weekend.

Club Kiza and the neighbouring B-Club have also enlisted the attendance of both local and international stars who will be entertaining patrons over the jump over weekend.