The devil hates marriages, says size 8 after DJ Mo's alleged affair

DJ MO and size 8

This week, celebrated gospel singer Size 8 left many wondering if she was going through a marital issue after making a post online alluding that every marriage has an issue to battle with.

“With my little knowledge and experience concerning marriages, I've realised every single marriage has a battle it's facing because the devil hates marriages.

“It can be financial, lack of children, health, pride, fear, infidelity, misunderstandings, in-laws, friends, over working or natural calamities or even spiritual bondage,” she wrote.

The post went online as her celebrity husband DJ Mo went on record to address rumours that he was the father to DJ Pierra Makena’s child.

The couple has been under constant social and tabloid media attack since they married in 2013 and have seemingly been fighting to survive through the criticism.