Artists complain of neglect from Diamond's record label

Diamond Platnumz

A potential clash is brewing at Diamond Platnumz WCB label where some artistes are beginning to feel neglected, according to a source close to some of the signed artistes.

It begun with a rumour that artistes signed to the Bongo star’s stable had been warned not to work with any other artiste from other stables.

It is said that a number of artiste at WCB were planning to release their songs around this season only to learn that Diamond is releasing his new album A Boy from Tandale and because of seniority in heirachy, they can’t release their tracks before this launch.

However, popular singer Rich Mavoko, who is signed to the stable, said it is not that there is a problem at WCB; noting that he personally held back his album release simply because he respected Diamond and he didn’t want the two to clash.

“The truth is that the person who is delaying us is Chibu as he is the first one who came up with the album idea,” Mavoko said.

“I had planned to release my album this year but due to the fact Diamond is releasing his, I have been forced to wait,” he added.