Female singer says producer is a sex pest

The producer admitted that he has been doing that to all other girls he has been recording
  • The singer accuses the producer of sexual harassment and intimidation
  • The producer is running one of the most popular studios in Nairobi

Accusing him of sexual harassment and intimidation, a female singer is now warning that she will expose a popular music producer whom she claims is a sex pest.

The producer, who runs one of the most popular studios in Nairobi, is said to be coercing female singers into sex before he records and releases their songs.

Speaking to Pulse on account of anonymity, the frustrated singer who claims that her work has been in the studio for over six months says on a number of times, the producer has warned her that she will never get the video until she gives in to his sexual demands.

“He told me that since he has done this with all the other girls he has been recording, I am not any special. The guy is a sex pest and if he does not stop this, we will get him exposed,” she said.

The producer is a one-time singer.