Invite me to your church: Wahu after releasing a gospel hit

  • Wahu is an award winning secular musician
  • She released a new gospel song and now she says she can go and sing in church

Wahu has released a hot gospel praise song, Sifa, and now MTV Mama’s award-winning secular star Wahu is letting you invite her to your church for a little praise session.

“I wouldn’t mind going to a church to perform but that is the only gospel song I have. I would probably sing it and then ask the congregation to join me in singing choruses,” she laughed.

“I wrote the song when I was going through a rough patch in my life, like I was riding through an emotional wave and I was contemplating on writing a bad song but instead, I turned to God and got the inspiration to do a triumph song,” the Sitishiki hit maker told Pulse.

“This song comes from a real spot in life when God came through for me. Like King David in the Bible, I cried to Him and he heard me,” she revealed.