Gloria Muliro and Ringtone bounce back after months out of the public limelight

Gloria Muliro and Ringtone
  • Gloria Muliro has been out of the public limelight for months
  • The celebrated gospel singer has bounced back with a red-hot collabo done with Ringtone

Early this week, Ringtone received a call from a stranger with a distressing report.

“Your new song is being pirated in River Road. You need to report this or do something,” the informer told him.

The new song in question is Wacha Iwe, a new hit that Ringtone and his fellow gospel singer, Gloria Muliro, released about a month ago.

“I can’t stop people from pirating songs on River Road but the moment I heard that, something told me that the song is on demand and this only served to encourage me,” Ringtone told Pulse.

The Wacha Iwe collabo spells the return of Gloria Muliro, one of the most talented gospel singers who has been out of the public limelight for quite some time.

The song that is quickly becoming popular is Ringtone’s commendable effort since he released Tenda Wema, featuring Christina Shusho early last year.

Even though Gloria has released Narudisha last year, her last major impact was with her Sitolia (featuring Willy Paul) and Ndio Yako, an emotional song she released in 2016 when she was going through a trying phase in her career. During her break Gloria had also gone on a tour of the United States of America.

“I recently returned after my tour during which I had a few concerts among them an African festival. I have also been doing a mentorship programme called Ajiri Dada that aims at reducing HIV infections among girls living in informal settlements,” Gloria said during an interview with Pulse on Wednesday.

“I have just completed doing my new album, which is a Luhya album aimed at reaching my original fans whom I felt had been forgotten. I recorded the album at Reuben Kigame’s Living Water studio and I plan to launch it soon. It is a nine-songs album titled Omusalapa, which means cross,” she says. 

“Gloria is one of the most talented female artistes in the country and when I approached her to have us work on the collabo, she did not hesitate. Working with her was a very natural thing and the project was completed without hitches,” Ringtone told Pulse.

“We both wrote a piece of the song, as you know we are both good composers. Just like it was the case with Christina Shusho when we worked on Tenda Wema last year, I enjoyed working with Gloria and I don’t mind doing more projects with her in the future,” he said.

According to Gloria, Wacha Iwe is a timely song released during a time when the nation is at a political crossroads. She says the message of the song simply urges people to let God’s will be done as opposed to their political inclinations.

“Kenya is going through a very tough political season. At this point, it is easy for us to forget that God holds Kenya dear and that He will still get his will done and so it’s for Kenyans to surrender to him,” she said.

Besides having gone back to studio to get her next project underway, Gloria has gone back to school to study Psychology. Something she says will go a long way in equipping her for her mentorship programme that has her visiting a number of schools and churches.