Ess and the City: What is going on in Sharon Mundia’s marriage

Sharon Mundia
  • Sharon Mundia wedded Lonina Leteipan in a glamorous wedding and topped up by a bouncing baby
  • The marriage now seems to be headed for the rocks
  • This is Ess blogger has hit headline lately with allegations that she got herself involved in a lesbian threesome

“A lot of ungracious and untruthful stories have been circulating about me recently,” Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess, the popular lifestyle blogger posted on her Twitter handle.

“Even though they have crossed the line, I choose, as usual, to focus on my vision of creating and sharing online content that will uplift and spread positive energy all around me. Right now I’m choosing to focus on my work and being the best mother I can be to my sweet love, Naila,” she went on.

This is Ess

When she was penning these words, Sharon was the talking point of town as she made headlines on showbiz blogs for the wrong reasons. The unconfirmed online allegations have it that Sharon and her two friends Patricia Kihoro and Fena Gitu were caught having a ‘girl thing’ and that her marriage is on the rocks. The grapevine has it that for months, the couple has been separated. Is there any truth to this?

Efforts to get Patricia and Fena talking bore no fruits.

When we called Sharon in the week and reported that we were following on the story from The Standard and that we needed to hear her version, twice, she disconnected the calls giving no comment.

A source close to her informed us that she was out of town on holiday and that she could not be immediately reached physically.

Above all, the fact that she didn’t make the customary mention of her husband on her post that is dropping hints to the possibility that all might not be rosy at the Loninas.

“If it is not true, why isn’t she commenting about the husband and only talking about their baby,” a critic wondered.

“The original article that was published was a blind item that did not even mention her name. How did she conclude that she is the one the article was talking about,” the critic, a showbiz insider wondered.

For quite some time now, Lonina has been off social media having deleted all his social media accounts. He too could not be reached for comment.

Sharon and Lonina at their all white wedding

Further, quite unusual of her, Sharon hasn’t been making a mention of him on her YouTube recordings; her weekly vlogs.

It all started a few weeks ago when keen netizens started speculating after Sharon was spotted on two separate videos without her wedding ring, quite unlike her previous videos.

From her last vlog, she spoke of her therapy experience, which left many eyebrows raised as to whether her rumoured marital breakdown could be the true reason she is having one. After this the radio presenter took a break and headed to the Coast accompanied by her daughter with husband Lonina nowhere in sight.

The couple came into public limelight after the Internet breaking engagement post in May 2015 that took place at Lake Michaelson at the slopes of Mt Kenya.