Controversies around gospel artist Willy Paul continue after he releases another love song

Willy Paul
  • Willy Paul’s Jigi Jigi is a love song deemed secular and not a worship song
  • After releasing the song, many listeners went ahead to urge Willy Paul to shift from gospel to secular music


Willy Paul is no stranger to controversy but he found himself under attack yet again following his latest love song titled Jiggi Jiggi which has been deemed as secular and not a worship song.

After listening to the song a huge section of critics insist that Willy Paul should consider changing to secular world once and for all as opposed to using gospel as an umbrella to sell his music.

This was minutes after he posted on his Instagram page stating: "Ladies and gentlemen. The unstoppable is here with yet another love song. My people, here is a new tune on YouTube titled Jigi Jigi which revolves on life after marriage after my hit wedding song wedding (I do) featuring Jamaica's Alaine..."

But to his shock many of the local music fans having had enough did not spare him.

Among them Esther Omondi who wrote: "We are tired of all his shenanigans, for once he should do the right thing by changing to secular and then consider settling down for real.

Speaking to Pulse he said: "I believe in doing what is right and only God has the right to judge me. It is obvious that I cannot please everyone and so I will keep on doing what I do best as long as it is right before God."