Singer Kenzo now going into wines and spirits

  • Singer Kenzo has opened a new business
  • The singer plans to run a wines and spirits store in South B

Years after Ogopa Deejays went under, and Kenzo went underground, the artiste has re-emerged with a plan to start a Wines & Sprits business.

Pulse found him with a male friend over the weekend supervising the painting of two containers (where the spirits will be stored) in South B.

 The location is on a road reserve. A cheerful and confident Kenzo welcomed Pulsers to do all 'vodoski' takeaways from the site, and Pulse said: "Sure, we will."

 As it turned out, his friend is leasing the 'shop' right next to Kenzo's - at the musician's invite.

 To which we can only say 'two's company,' ... but in business, bro, two is competition.