Nairobi’s hottest matatu: Check out Brain Freeze, Eastlandos 001

Brain Freeze

As the name suggests, freeze is the theme concept for this particular ‘jav’, having been well executed by Kev; one of the greatest designers who is tasked by investors to make the almost impossible themes.

Brain Freeze is so far the best of Kev’s creations with its unique frozen effect design; the only one of its kind in the industry that goes well with the blue body matching its rims.

Its unique frozen effect design

Brain Freeze aka ‘001’, was originally a Buru Buru-plying matatu that is currently on the Umoja route, and bound to Ongata Rongai the land that prides in its matatus.

Eastlando’s number 1

Brain Freeze is a sound beast fitted with the best of merchandise from the Rockford’s power package that ensures the finest quality of sound not only to matatus but Polaris, marine and personal cars.

The frozen effect is well implemented on the interior design with multiple screens

Fitted with a good number of screens and a well-executed simple interior, Brain Freeze has for the longest time maintained Eastland’s ‘001’ position with a large fan base and soon to gain more fans from Rongai.

Everything is frozen including the drivers cabin