Maliza umaskini: Whose millions was Papa Dennis counting in video?

Gospel singer Papa Dennis
  • The singer is in a video counting a heap of 1000 notes on a large table
  • The video posted online stirred reactions as people were wondering why the video was done, and who the money really belonged to


In a video posted online on Tuesday, gospel singer Papa Dennis and his fellow Maliza Umaskini singer Noushka are seen seated around a table with wads of cash in Sh1,000 notes strewn all over a table, busy counting the stash.

The online post received mixed reactions with many wondering what the show was all about. Even though it is hard to establish how much the cash is, it is well in the millions of shillings.

The two were assisting their boss and Maliza Umaskini CEO Sadat during the just concluded political campaigns where he was running for a political office.

When we tried to reach out to Papa to get a comment, his phone was off and we couldn’t get feedback. Over to you, Papa: