TV star woos landlady into a fling to cover for his rent arrears

The TV host works with a leading multimedia house
  • The TV star lives in a sh200, 000 monthly-rent apartment
  • The landlady has a thing on him and he seems to have seized the opportunity so as to avoid his arrears which now run for three months


Finding it hard to sustain his exorbitant lifestyle a popular TV star has been begging his landlady not to kick him out of an apartment whose monthly rent is about Sh200, 000.

The TV host working with a leading multimedia house is said to be in a financial crisis that has seen him default on rent payment for three months. However this has come with a twist.

“The landlady sort of has a thing for him and it is like they are going into a relationship. They are a bit tight and this situation is bringing that fact out.

He spent Tuesday evening at her place and neighbours now suspect they are having a fling,” a source told Pulse. The TV host has a baby-mama with one child.