Just another name in his long list of exes? Why Prezzo and Nairobi Diaries actress Michelle Yola are done

Prezzo and Yola
  • Rapper Prezzo and Yola had a bitter break-up some months back
  • Prezzo has gone ahead and removed a tattoo of Yola confirming that he is done with her
  • The rapper has a flawed showbiz history when it comes to relationships as he has dated, dumped and been dumped by many girls in the limelight


In his 2014 hot track My Gal, CMB Prezzo, the one time self-proclaimed king of bling bling comes out as romantic, singing praises to his girl in a catchy video that featured socialite Vera Sidika.

The two acted the video by the pool and it is widely believed that this is where his beef with Huddah, Vera’s socialite arch-rival started. That was then.

You see, there are amicable break-ups, there are acrimonious break-ups, and then there is breaking up with Prezzo.

After his latest catch Yola Michelle left him three months ago for another guy, again, the former CMB rapper finally seems to have moved on...Or rather, removed ‘Yola’ from his heart - and hand.

Abraham, a tattoo artiste (who operates in Yaya Centre) tells Pulse that he was at an apartment on Dennis Pritt road this past weekend.

“Prezzo had summoned me there to chuck (remove) the name ‘YOLA’ from his hand - a love tattoo he had put their in honour of his ex-girlfriend, Yola,” the tattoo artiste told Pulse.

Prezzo and Yola when they got their tattoos

The move seems to have been sparked by a war of words that took place last week

— after Yola took to social media to alert her followers that Prezzo was ‘threatening to release (her) explicit photos online’ for ‘revenge’ after she left him.

Prezzo dismissed the claims, saying: “Yola is just mad because people don’t care about her anymore.” “I blocked her on my social media, and she has been blowing up my phone trying to reach me, but I’ve ignored her. That is why she’s trying to tarnish my name,” Prezzo said.

Prezzo has a long list of dramatic break-ups in the last 12 years

— from ex-wife Daisy Kiplagat to model-entrepreneurs like Joy.

“Move on from me and get help like yoga,” Yola told Prezzo, saying she’s living her life like Yolo (You Only Live Once).

“If anything happens to me, just know it’s Prezzo who’s behind it, from threatening texts talking about releasing our explicit pictures and videos to stealing all my documents and on top of that, he even took my phone because I told him our relationship won’t work,” Yola claimed, adding that she has asked Prezzo to move on with his life since she had.

The pair when they were still an item

“I left with nothing that has his name on it and we’ve been separated for months now so please leave me alone and move on. I have moved on with my life, kindly do the same. I suggest you get to a wellness centre and get help! Try yoga or something dude!” she remarked, even threatening to take legal action.

“When we were in a relationship, I was stressed and lost weight,’ said Prezzo. I am doing much better after we broke up with that Yola,” Prezzo said.

The relationship between Prezzo and Yola has been one of the closest relationships he has had since he parted ways with Daisy, a marriage that ended up in a bitter divorce with Daisy claiming that Prezzo had been assaulting her.

The divorce saw Daisy get full custody of their child. Even though Prezzo got into another relationship with businesswoman Joy soon after, this also ended controversially way with Joy ending up with Prezzo’s music rival Moustapha.

It is not clear at what time Prezzo and popular socialite Huddah became an item but, it recently became public that the two indeed had a thing going on after Huddah suggested that Prezzo is the man who broke her virginity – that after Prezzo had denied rumours that the two also dated.

At the time, Huddah and then Prezzo’s girlfriend Goldie, the late Nigerian Big Brother Africa Prezzo’s housemate were not on good terms. “(We) buried the hatchet... And the once love of my life, the nigga who broke my virginity (T.M.I) will be coming through to Huddah Million Party... El Presidente @prezzo254...We don’t turn up. We turn over,” Huddah recently revealed in a post that attracted a lot of attention.