I did not steal your girl: Ringtone refutes claims he is with a reigning beauty queen

  • Ringtone claimed she used to be a close friend and he should feel secure with her
  • He stated that he was not dating her and only offered the lady accommodation

Ringtone has dismissed claims by a man who alleged that his girlfriend, a reigning beauty queen, has left him for the celebrated gospel star.

“Yes, it is true that a guy called me labelling me a brother and begging that I leave his girlfriend alone. The truth is that I am not dating her.

She used to be a close friend and he should feel secure with her if he is doing the right thing,” Ringtone told Pulse.

“From what I understand from the girl, she was chased by the guy and had her house locked and that is when she came over to me asking if I can assist, which I did.

I offered her accommodation at one of my rental houses as that is the best I could do as a good friend. Why is this guy now panicking that I have taken her.

He is just a cry-baby. He should learn how to treat his woman,” Ringtone added.

The model won a prestigious beauty crown last year and has been one of the most popular models in the country. She comes from outside Nairobi County and is known for her social nature.