The politician who spent the night with a mganga on the eve of the elections

  • The politician sort the services of the witch doctor just before the Tuesday polls
  • He was in the company of his family members and supporters
  • The politician held a seven-hour act that entailed animal sacrifices and other symbolic acts


In the company of a number of other leaders, some family members and key supporters, a leading politician sought the services of ‘higher powers’ just hours before the Tuesday polls, Pulse can report.

The politician and team spent an entire night with a ‘mganga’ at a posh Nairobi estate during which rituals were performed.

According to an inside source, the seven hours act involved animal sacrifices and other African traditional symbolic acts. The activity, according to the source, cost ‘good’ money.

The source told Pulse that some of the acts were scary and could they hardly comment on them. After performing the rituals, the team hit a popular Nairobi club where they bought drinks for everyone in the vicinity. They partied all night and only left as daylight was breaking.