Perfect mix of beauty and brains: Meet the next Senate’s youngest member nominated to rep the youth

Wambui Nyutu, nominated to represent the youth in Senate
  • She is only 25 and her future seems bright as she navigates the murky world of politics
  • She studied law at the University of Nairobi during which she came up with an initiative to mobilize female students
  • From her campus initiative, she landed an appointment to run campaigns for one of the leading presidential candidate, the move behind her nomination to the Senate


With a year to graduation from the University of Nairobi, where she was studying law, Wambui formed a lobby group aimed at mobilising young female students.

It is the momentum gained by this initiative of an undergraduate that catapulted Wambui to bigger things and landed her an appointment to run the campaigns for one of the leading presidential candidates on behalf of the youth, across the entire nation.

And immediately she rolled up her sleeves and got to work on the brand new initiative.

Over the last four months the team has traversed over 34 counties making an average of 15 stopovers per county.

This comes to close to 400 campaign meetings with Kenyans – an evidence of the energy and zeal with which the team operates.

Borrowing from a model that is more common in the United States, the team has held 20 town hall meetings bringing together university and college students across the country.

“From West Pokot to the Coastal region and from perceived strongholds to known and swing votes, the team has gone to hunt for votes,” prides Wambui who has hardly known the meaning of rest for the last one year.

Maybe their pedestal of preaching peace wherever they are has won them admiration and acceptance wherever they go as they have attracted crowds despite the fact that it is not rum by your typical public faces.

“We are young; this country belongs to all of us. And as the wise say, we’ve only borrowed it from future generations. If we burn it just because of political feuds, we may never gain trust with each other. This is the message we’ve been given,” says Wambui who stresses the need to have peaceful elections in every 5-year cycle.

Wambui is not alone in the coordination team as she works with Onguso Ochengo who is also a young lawyer and political scientist, Zack Kinuthia a former Sonu chairman and political scientist, George Nyongesa who is a political scientist as well and a political activist and Kipsaro Boit, a youth leader, former student leader at Moi University and an activist.

The team led by the young senate nominee has done road shows in all the counties they have visited.

The tech savvy team has also ensured that online campaigns supplement the ground campaigns by ensuring they push a top trend on Twitter every day.

The 25 year old Wambui can easily pass as a charismatic lawyer who has perfected the art of mobilisation which is critical in any political endeavour.

A strange, yet perfect mix of beauty and brains could be the reason she has been nominated to the Senate to represent the youth.

“I shed tears at God’s faithfulness. I had really worked hard for the party but I did not see the nomination forthcoming,” reacts Wambui after her nomination to Senate adding that she was humbled by the news.

Wambui promises to lobby for at least a minimum of 50 per cent of government opportunities goes to youth and 30 per cent women and people with disabilities.