Sexiest showbiz mothers: The pressures of accepting their new bodies

It was a live TV show and when Pierra Makena was challenged to respond to a Pulse article, everything went through the roof.

Pierra has put on some good weight since she gave birth to her adorable baby Ricca Pokot in July last year and this was the genesis of the rant as Pulse simply tried to pin point that.

Well, there is nothing wrong about Pierra putting on a little weight...It's her body. However, today, we look at some celebrities who gave birth and worked on maintaining their shapes.

Janet Nariki

The award-winning actress is one who is never shy to flaunt her hot body whether it is through photo shoots or simply hitting the red carpet during showbiz ceremonies.

So when Janet gave birth last year, she decided that she wasn't letting her hotness go away simply because she is now a mother.

"I am glad that my shape has not changed so much since even though I must confess that when I am sitted, my stomach folds up. The abs I had are no longer there as I haven't exercised a day since baby came. Some people go into special diet in times like this but I did not. My secret is letting the pressure go," Janet told Pulse.



When singer Qty gave birth in 2015, she immediately hit the gym and started to exercise the same week she gave birth. This was to keep her body on shape. Two weeks on, she started sending pictures to the media showing what a hot mum she still was.

"I did not want my hot look to go away simply because of baby fat so I came up with an exercising and healthy regime. This worked for me," she told Pulse.

"It is true that different bodies respond differently and while some people get affected by baby fat, others don't. At least, my body has not changed since then.

Brenda Wairimu

Brenda Wairimu

Brenda Wairimu is arguably one of the hottest showbiz girls we have in Kenya. When she got her baby with Juliana and took a short showbiz break, many feared that she would probably lose the sweet girl look she is loved for.

However, the acting beauty has maintained her cool since. She is as hot as ever.



The KTN Life and Style presenter is a mother of one but people can hardly tell that she is one. The petit girl loves to watch her weight knowing so well that image is everything in showbiz.

"I have a work out regime and I do watch what eat. I love my body as it is petit and that is an added advantage when it comes to watching your look. The truth is that as much as am working out now, after giving birth, my weight just dropped without me having to do muc.

However, later I started keeping fit and watching my diet. I do a lot of juicing and drinking water," she told Pulse. What a berry full of cherry.


Showbiz TV act Chero would rather miss her lunchbreak than miss her workout schedule. The mother of one who hosts the popular KTN Str8Up has been doing gym since she gave birth and has been able to keep her hot shape.

"Yes, it is true that I exercise a lot. To maintain your body after giving birth might not be easy as some bodies react. But I have tried to maintain my looks," she told Pulse.



Recently, the pretty singer got her boyfriend proposing to her and soon, the two could be walking down the aisle...happy Vivian.

However, very few people know that Vivian is a proud mother of one, something she keeps off the limelight.

The Woman in Love singer is known to exercise a lot and clearly, motherhood hasn't weighed her down.

Miss Karun

Miss Karun

It was just the other day when everyone was discussing the former Camp Mulla lead vocalist Miss Karun being pregnant. And just last week, Pulse came across Miss Karun partying the night away like she was never heavy. The girl looks real fresh and hot as ever.

Talia Oyando

Talia Oyando

If you watch Talia presenting her Reggae and Dancehall TV show, then you will not doubt that the "Night Nurse" is really fit. She likes dancing and as we know, dancing is a very healthy exercise.

Well, what is her story? After she got married, she committed a lot of time to family but after a while, she decided that she wanted to get her sexy back and hit the gym hard. At some point, the started posting photos of her at the gym commenting that she wanted to get her miniskirts back. And it worked...Girl is fine!

Mwalimu Rachel

Mwalimu Rachel

Her latest photoshoot says it all; this Homeboyz radio presenter is as hot as they come. It was not long ago when the celebrated media personality gave birth. She even caused an Internet sensation when photos of her pregnancy bump surfaced online.

The Homeboyz Radio presenter wears many hats. The star who doubles as a TV presenter, MC, voice-over artiste, social media influencer and motivational speaker as well as CEO of her company- MRX Media Limited is a hot mother many fans fancies.


Kenrazy's wife, Sossun, is mother to their one daughter. Not one to be overshadowed, this mean rapper oozes with attitude and packs quite a lyrical punch.

Sossun no doubt gets heads turning and men drooling wherever she goes. The Kufunikwa star will give Generation Z's hottest video vixens a run for their money with her well-toned body. Well, just as she has be consistent in making sure that her showbiz career remains on course, she has kept her looks right not letting motherhood slow her down.

Lucia Musau

Her fans cannot help but always go back to her social media pages to see her latest photo posts, an art this leading influencer, Lucia Musau, seems to has mastered.

Christened The Kenyan Fashionado, the fashion blogger remains one of the mothers who have maintained their hot looks since giving birth.

Corine Onyango

The petite radio presenter has an adorable son who is almost three. He goes by the name of Kwe actually King Kwe. Corine was one of those people that remained fashionable and stylish throughout the time she was heavy.

She might have not shared much personally around the time but she sure did spring back to her stylish self when she stepped out.

She now looks even better clutching her son by the hip.



The mother of two beautiful girls managed to main her sexy throughout the two pregnancies and even the early motherhood. We never saw a day of her looking beat in public. She also confessed to have started working out in her blog but left it alone because she was still breastfeeding.

She was later challenged to make post baby weight loss a primary agenda and she sure did. She has however not appeared in public looking heavier than we knew her to be. The singer, dancer and entrepreneur has also taken good care of herself. She has not aged a day since her classic hit song Sweet Love days.

Grace Msalame

Grace Msalame

There is no arguing that Grace Msalame is one of the hottest showbiz mothers we have in Kenya. The mother of twins who has managed to keep a clean record throughout her media life has maintained her hot look since she became a mother.