It can never be perfect and it continues to get better: Jason Derulo’s music and his experience with Kenyan celebs

It can never be perfect and it continues to get better: Jason Derulo’s music and his experience with Kenyan celebs

Jason Derulo is a high achiever who has two RIAA platinum albums under his belt, Jason Derulo (2010) and Talk Dirty (2014), two gold albums Future History (2011) and Everything Is 4 (2015), and a gold EP Tattoos (2013)

— totalling over 12.5 million albums sold globally.

Pulse had a moment with the Swalla hit maker right after he was unveiled at a Coke Studio Africa event held in Nairobi’s The Stanley Hotel to talk about his journey in music, making some of this decade’s biggest hit records, his first time in Kenya and what he feels about African music.

A cool, calm and strong-voiced Jason wearing a funky oversize jungle green jacket has a lot to say about the current trends between African music and global sounds.

“So much is going on in the world, and where music is going especially now when there’s mashing of cultures is beautiful. If only the world took notes [on African music], the world would be so much more of a beautiful place.”

“Lines are currently blurred in the music industry and Coke Studio Africa is [working towards making the industry better] by connecting different artistes together,” he told Pulse.

“What blew my mind is that different artistes from different parts of Africa have a different vibe in their music and it has been great to immerse and observe that.”

Being introduced to art and music at a very young age, Jason Derulo say he was set for greatness from the start and his hard work and consistency has today elevated him to become embedded in the fabric of pop culture and proudly stands among history’s most successful artistes.

Before hitting his 20’s, he was already creating music that would the top music charts worldwide. Songs like Ridin Solo and Whatcha Say were on constant rotation on all Top 40 radio stations across the globe, even here in Kenya.

Now 27-years-old, he has also come a long way and his strong brand that resonates with many teens and audiences that are into pop culture is proof of his wholesome brand.

His dance routines are now more defined and that can be seen the music video for Swalla. His vocal prowess is also something to reckon with. He touts his own personal growth.

“People do not get to see the day-to-day changes and especially because now I have changed and grown as a man, musician and a songwriter. There are different perspectives to how I approach my music as opposed to then,” he revealed.

Jason has today received several accolades. He was on the cover of Billboard magazine in addition to appearing in Time, People, Men’s Fitness, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, Elle, Forbes, and LA Times as well as guest appearances on The View and The Meredith Viera Show. He’s received three Teen Choice Awards, two BMI Pop Awards, and one YouTube Music Award.

Despite all that is, he’s still the most humble guy you will ever meet. He doesn’t allow his massive success to get into his head and instead he is still marveled by his latest accomplishments.

It astonishes him how big his latest single Swalla has become currently standing at 338 million views on YouTube.

“It is still unbelievable how big the song is, especially because I held on to it for so long. Part of being a musician is that you have to be patient and wait for the right time to release a song or even put an album together,” he told Pulse.

The singer, songwriter is the first international artiste to work with 11 talented artistes in creating content for Coke Studio Africa – 2017, special edition dubbed ‘The Global Fusion Edition’.

Ever since he came into the music scene, he has not let a season pass without a hit song. Songs like Wiggle, Talk dirty, In my Head among others are show for Jason’s consistency.

“It has never been about consistency. I love making music and maybe that is what has contributed to my success but I have always tried to live and lead with passion and then the other things follow. I do think in 2017 especially, content is king and the people that release more material are the ones that are winning the most.”

The singer is set to release his fifth studio album of 21 songs called 777 to be released in thee different parts, three months apart and seven songs on each.

“My biggest fear as an artiste is to stop learning and stop growing. What keeps this fun is that I continue to grow, but that’s the beauty about art. It can never be perfect and it always continues to get better,” he concludes.