MC Jesse denies rumours that he’s divorcing his wife

Speaking for the first time since rumours broke out alleging that his marriage is on the rocks, MC Jesse has exclusively told Pulse that the false rumour has been made up by his ‘enemies’ to antagonise his career.

“Who is this Wangari they are claiming I have been married to. Who even said I wedded my wife in 2012?” a perturbed MC Jesse asked when Pulse reached out for comment.

“I have never had a Wangari in my life and reports that I am divorcing someone called so can only be viewed as malicious. I have been happily married since 2010 and I wonder who is cooking up a divorce story since my wife is at home with me,” he added.

Asked why someone would make-up stories that he is getting divorced, MC Jessy said:

“I can’t quite say who is behind all these. For sure it’s not coming from my family. I fell off (sic) with some business friends who have been trying to blackmail me over huge financial deals.

If push comes to shove, I will have no choice but expose what they have done to me; costly issues that are already affecting my personal life. This is the truth about the on-going smear and I won’t take it sitting down,” he warned.

“Juzi waliuwa Churchill na sasa wamenianza...Ni wale wale (Recently they killed Churchill (on social media) and now, they have turned to me...They are the same people,” he added.