Revealed: Powerful politicians offered singer Jaguar millions to drop jubilee ticket

Starehe Jubilee parliamentary aspirant Charles Njagua"Jaguar" display his certificate after he was declared the winner at Jubilee Head quarters, Nairobi. photo: Boniface Okendo

Philanthropic singer now turned politician Jaguar resisted attempts by very powerful people who wanted him to tone down his political ambitions for a close rival, Pulse has learned.

The singer was called to private meetings and promised handsome offers were he to forego the Starehe MP Jubilee ticket, to no avail. The men in question are powerful Nairobi politicians and investors.

Pulse understands that the under-dealings had nothing to do with the party bosses, neither did the party top brass get itself involved in the attempted ‘negotiations’.

For almost a week since the Thursday vote, Jaguar and his supporters camped outside Jubilee House waiting for a verdict after his rival and former Minister Maina Kamanda was given the Starehe MP certificate in a controversial manner.

Jaguar was declared the winner on Wednesday and now he will square it up with fellow youthful contenders Steve Mbogo and Boniface Mwangi who are also vying for the Starehe seat.

“I don’t really want to talk about the intrigues behind the certificate as that is now behind us.

I want to thank the party for listening to the appeal and declaring me the winner because I won squarely. I thank my supporters for standing with me as that is their right. The next step is for us to deliver the Starehe seat and that I assure you we will,” Jaguar told Pulse.