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Light it up: Is rapper Khaligraph bleaching his skin?

By Mkala Mwaghesha | Friday, May 5th 2017 at 10:07

After opening up a swanky office premise and making a tour to Dubai, lyricist and top rapper Khaligraph Jones may be using bleaching material. The rapper, who has maintained consistency over the years, looks lighter in his recent photos, with many fans asking if he is using lightening cream.

And when Pulse contacted him on a phone, he did neither denied nor confirmed the allegations.

“People will always say things when you are a role model, but, I am just pushing music,” he told Pulse. “We are asking if you are using skin lighteners,” we repeated. “I am just pushing music,” he diverted.

Recent photos and footage of the rappers have him a shade lighter in complexion, his tattoos more visible, a far cry from his usual appearance.

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