The love saga that almost broke duo Amos and Josh

Amos and Josh Photo: Courtesy

For a month, Amos and Josh have handled controversies that saw them pull down the video of their new single Heri Tuachane. The duo has been engaged in shuttle diplomacy between their management and the parents of Amos’ ex-lover, Cindy.

Like a scene from a Hollywood movie, what was a pair of God-fearing artistes has turned into a magnet of scandal just like many other showbiz personalities in Nairobi.

In an exclusive interview with Pulse, the two singers, their manager Ally Ady and producer Bruce Odhiambo while recalling the events, described a tense situation that almost led to Amos forsaking music.

“This has nothing to do with my faith. I am a true believer in God and that can never be compromised. I am only human, it must be clear that the events of April have instead made me stronger. We have not deviated from our purpose of serving God,” narrates Amos, a self-confessed God fearing artiste who rose to fame from reality TV show Tusker Project Fame as one half of the Amos and Josh duo.

On April 4, 2016, the two had just uploaded their latest single Heri Tuachane and manager Ady was at Yaya Centre meeting a prospective client who had shown interest in supporting one of their upcoming concerts. Ady says he was proud of their latest project and wanted to show it off to his client.

However, when they logged into YouTube, the video was missing. “This was very embarrassing. I looked not only like a fool but a conman because the video had only been up for 10 hours. I called Amos but he did not pick (my call), then I called Josh twice and when he picked he said it is a long story that we could not discuss on phone,” explains Ady.

Ady explained to his clients that there was a mix-up and walked off in a huff. A mad Ady then proceeded to Johari Cleff studios since Bruce was still working late into the night. The following day, an emergency meeting was held at a Camp David and that is when Ady was brought up to speed.

“We had to take a break and that is when Amos broke down and told me about his conversation with Cindy’s mother. Apparently, his ex-girlfriend was having some meltdown and I still cannot believe that he was not man enough to take the heat,” explains Josh.

“This was not an easy decision because Heri Tuachane is just a fourth episode of The Contrast, a multimillion musical series that I have worked for all my life. To think that Amos wanted to screw it all up because of some stupid love affair was not going to happen and that is why I opposed the idea of pulling down the video,” Josh adds.

At this point, a tearful Amos breaks down again lamenting that even after what he had gone through, his partner Josh still cannot make sense out of their miserable situation. Amos proceeds to recount that he had broken up with Cindy, a lawyer attached to a top law firm in Upper Hill over irreconcilable differences and he thought the lady, like any other person after a break-up, had moved on. But when they uploaded Heri Tuachane video, Cindy’s parents called him to ask why he wanted to kill their daughter.

“Her mother told me that she had not left her room the whole day and it was until her younger sibling returned from school that evening that they found a suicide note by her bedside,” says Amos as tears roll down his cheeks.

Whereas Cindy’s parents declined to talk, a family friend speaking on grounds of anonymity said that the young lady has been having emotional problems and on that day, she had locked herself in the toilet and it took Amos to persuade her on phone not to kill herself.

“You know attempting suicide is a crime according to law and that is why her parents have used every means possible to downplay the whole issue, I don’t think Amos should be blamed for such nonsense,” says our source.

At Camp David, Bruce, Ady and the two artistes were still at crossroads, a confused Amos was too broken to think straight. Bruce states that whereas Contrast is a major project with clearly outlined timelines and interests, it was his ultimate decision to bring down the video.

“In everything that we do on earth, human life comes first; it was not easy decision, this has caused us a lot but in life there comes a time when saving a life is more important that everything else,” explains Bruce.

“When it involves life then everything else can wait. So, as an elder, we agreed that I would meet Cindy’s parents but that too was not easy; they did not want to see us at all. I had to use my connections to have a sit-down with the father at a house of a senior government official. I told him that this is all art and it had just been taken out of context.

Since then, we have tried our level best to sort out the matter with their daughter. Last week, we thought the matter had been settled and when we were just about to upload the video again, we were shocked to find out that her friend had leaked the whole story out.

That is when I realised that I was dealing with kids and apart from her complaints over her story being put out there, she had a different agenda,” Bruce continues.

Amos’ account

I would not say that it is a big challenge because we did the song Heri Tuachane and just like our previous works, when we write music we talk from a very personal point of view.

I am a very private person, my love life and relationship has always been off the limelight. As a lawyer she knows better than just running to the media. For some reason she has not apologised to me but since we are not dating anymore she can as well keep her apology,” says a bitter Amos.

Amos further adds that they had been with Cindy for three years and during the said period they became very close and he could even spend a lot of time at her parents’ place.

“She has clinical depression and refused to get help for her condition. As such, she thought Heri Tuachane was written for her, we may have had our differences but I am not that heartless,” Amos adds.

Ady on the other hand says that all is well for now and even though Cindy accused him of rumour-mongering, Amos understands that this is all work.

“I am still in shock because we have met a number of times and we have always been in good terms with Cindy. I cannot say whether I like her or not because it is not in my place to meddle in the personal affairs of others,” concluded Ady.

The video has again been uploaded on YouTube and all eyes are on Cindy. What will she do this time?