Celebrity chicks in Kenya that girls like

Fena Gitu

Fena Gitu is a girls’ girl...chics just like her. For a minute she was thought to be dating Jenny the former KTN Presenter contestant who also dabbled as her manager but that rumour was later trashed. Besides, she likes her boy look and probably, this is the unique bit that gets other girls to like her.


If it wasn’t the provoking line in her venom-packed diss-track that logged hits against Kaka Empire setting the fiercest female battle in 2016 where she said: ‘I don’t play for team D’ then it was the obvious Instagram posts that only features hot lasses in the name of beauty. Njeri is definitely a girls’ girl and is rumoured to be dating her longtime girlfriend Phoina who is also her business partner. These are assertions Pulse can’t confirm.

Noti Flow

On this given Friday when we featured Noti Flow the rapper on the magazine saying she would ‘swing any side’ we got endless calls from girls asking for her number. Well, Noti Flow is pretty and controversial and probably, that is what other girls like about her. Is it? At one point, after she featured on the Same Love video, some girls starting fighting over her.

Mr Eve

When Pulse sort out the million dollar question who her celebrity crush is and what she would do with her given a chance she gladly told us Janet Mbugua the beautiful media personality. Mr Eve is a fashion blogger and stylist and she is mostly known for her stylish androgynous image – something other girls can’t seem to get over.

Kaz Lucas

Yeah the mama is real hot and there is no excuse for anyone not to fall for her.