How Huddah remained with Timaya’s dollars

After his Kenya concert earlier in the month where he was paid an hefty amount, Pulse can now confirm that Ghanaian singer Timaya left half of the loot with about being smitten in Nairobi!

Well, if you are not aware that the Kenyan socialite was hanging out with Timaya since his arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport that Thursday till the Sunday when he left his hotel room – then you probably haven’t been around...long story!

News is that Timaya was so ‘inbox’ with Huddah at his hotel that he even ended up missing the planned radio interviews and other media tours.

As he was leaving on Sunday, he was hit with a bill of $8,000 (Sh826,400) and when he tried to ask what all that cash was for, he learned that it takes a little bit of an effort to maintain the Boss Lady.

To avoid embarassment, the singer was loaned $4,000 (Sh413,200) to bail him out. Only in Kenya do nig**z get real smitten!