The Darq Child:The challenging beginnings of Dj gibbs

“Just like every other kid with big dreams, I grew up wanting to be a lawyer, but now that am grown I want to someday fit in to DJ Crème de la Crème’s shoes,” says Gibson Mudoga aka DJ Gibbs also known as The Darq Child, the new hot deejay in town.

He plays music every day at Club 64 that was formerly Club Betties in Nairobi and sometimes in Nakuru and also is a freelancer that would cater to your music needs in a corporate event, in private parties at the comfort of your house or even at funerals.

His major breakthrough was when he played at the Safaricom countrywide concerts, am experience he says he will forever remember.

“The big crowd responded positively and I felt happy. It was just overwhelming to see how I could move such a big crowd something I had never done before,” he says.

“This was quite a great experience that gave me mileage as well as confidence as an upcoming deejay,” he remarks.

DJ Gibbs says that he always wanted to be a deejay noting that he would take a night out in a club just admiring how a deejay moved the crowd.

At 27 years old he has had both the sweet and bitter side of life from being a basic club dancer where he would steal chances to entertain crowds for a token. He also used to do dancing competitions at the then famous Club Florida 2000 where he sharpened his dancing skills where at some point he won Sh40,000.

It is here where he started saving cash and begun a mitumba hawking business. He would go to Gikomba market and get second hand clothes and other products that he would sell mostly to ladies for a little profit.

Talking of his experience in the industry so far, Gibbs explains that the only way to make it as a deejay in the industry is to stand out.

“Every time I am playing in the club, I apply a little bit of science. I mean, I don’t do the everyday deejay thing, you know. I read the mood and decide how to flow with the crowd. I both deejay and hype at the same time. This is a trick I learned from DJ Crème de la Crème and it always seems to keep the crowd charged,” he notes adding that he got the name Darq Child from his mum as he is really dark.

“This industry not only requires mad skills and science but also discipline. It’s one of those industries that calls for one to have patience before they get their breakthrough. After a little while, another deejay, a new kid on the block comes and overpowers you. However, once needs to plan and focus if they have to keep longevity. You really have to be very calculated,” he remarks.

Away from the entertainment industry, having a young family of a wife and his beautiful child, Gibbs together with his two partners khaligraph and his elder brother Lamar have set up a car yard called Flex World Motors on Kangundo road that majorly deals with Subaru. Currently, this is his side hustle. He says from what he earns from the business, he is able to keeping his family comfortable.

When Gibbs is not living all celeb like and flashy, you would probably find him either along the road by a maize seller enjoying roasted maize perfectly spiced up with the powder chilly and lemon for among many other reasons happens to be his all-time favorite snack or with his family that he holds so dear to him.