Will you marry me? Kenyan Female musician explains why she proposed to her man

Gospel artiste Lady Nanaa, who has been leading a celibacy campaign among the youth, has defended her decision to propose to her boyfriend. Nanaa went down on her knees on Friday and popped the question. Many have criticised her move, which has been viewed as bizarre and off the traditions.

"Life is not tied to rules that should hurt you because of traditions. I am a firm believer in upholding the traditions of respecting our elders, doing my chores as a woman and letting a man take care of his roles but that won't limit me to being assertive in my happiness," she counters.

She adds: "If you are ready for marriage and have prayed about it, if you find a man you love, pursue him. You must also make sure you have good intentions of developing closer friendship with the possibility of marriage but not just for personal benefit.

The bottom line is that any man or woman can propose. If you meet someone you love go after him or her. Love goes beyond sex and gender. True love is all that matters. My religion is love but I am still on a celibate path."