Inside P Square’s Peter Okoye mansion in Lagos

Chilling space

After a long day, the artist retires to his main sitting room area revealing their unique and extraordinary eye for design and aesthetic that combines elegance and glamour with kid friendly living. For peace and serenity he tucks away at the top deck of the house that enjoys warm colors for a feeling of coziness.

Entertainment area

For movie and game nights, it is pure thrill as the family indulge in their screening room complete with reclining leather seats and a massive screen.

Outdoor fun

When it gets too hot, the pool beckons and the Okoye's enjoy a swim and bask away at their sun porch.


The home pays homage to modern vibes with hints of antique vases, leather seats, wooden mirrors and that spectacular jet black piano tucked next to the winding stair case to enhance the home's bold and theatrical design.


Going for a clean minimalism finish, this airy tasty space offers a sit down eat in kitchen effortlessly.


Family meals go down at their grand dining table fit for royalty.

Parking bay and compound

With those many luxurious cars, there is no excuse for the interior finishing not to extend to the exterior.